Iowa's EV PLAN

What are the Vision and Goals for the Plan?

Vision: A readily accessible electric vehicle ecosystem that promotes mobility, reliability, and sustainability for the overall economic and social well-being of Iowa.


  • An electric vehicle fast-charging system that supports regional and interstate travel.
  • A local electric vehicle system that promotes equitable access and mobility throughout Iowa’s communities.
  • A charging network that helps provide the traveling public with a variety of transportation and energy options.
  • A transportation system that reduces energy lifecycle emissions to minimize the impact on human and environmental health.
  • A sustainable transportation and energy system that can adapt to economic, technological, and environmental changes while providing a high level of system reliability.
  • A charging network that supports long-term electric vehicle station success which maximizes economic benefits for consumers.
  • A growing network of chargers that fosters innovation and collaboration to expand economic opportunities.

What is the Implementation Timeline

  • Fall 2023 – Funding application period opens.
  • Early 2024 – Funding application period closes.
  • Summer 2024 – Funding awards announced.


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