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Official City and County Sign REQUIREMENTS

Official city and county signsLocal jurisdictions and public agencies may erect signs displaying noncommercial information from locations on private property or beyond the highway right of way. These signs may display a wide variety of messages, including:

  • General welcome.
  • Directional information to public facilities (park, pool, city hall, county landfill, etc.).
  • Districts (historic, recreational, business, etc.).
  • General community information (voting locations, road construction updates, school closings, weather alerts, safety-related messages, etc.).
  • Special events (fairs, centennials, festivals, holiday observances, etc.).
  • Public schools (identification of the school district, academic and athletic accomplishments, events, team spirit, etc.).

The messages displayed may not include any reference to commercial entities, business names or sponsors, products, or private nonprofit organizations. Although no formal permitting is necessary from the department, the department remains available to assist with any questions pertaining to acceptable messages, design, and placement of the sign.

To qualify as an official city, county, or public agency sign, the sign must:

  • Be erected and maintained by the city, county, or public agency. A contractor or group can be authorized to erect and maintain the sign on behalf of the city, county, or public agency.
  • Be erected within the territorial or zoning jurisdiction of the city, county, or public agency.
  • Be erected pursuant to and in accordance with direction or authorization contained in federal, state, or local law.
  • Be erected for the purpose of carrying out an official duty or responsibility.
  • Be erected at a location that is beyond the highway right of way.
  • Not imitate or resemble traffic control devices governed by the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).
  • Not contain any commercial message, business name, corporate sponsor, or private nonprofit organization.

City and County sign examples

Examples of city and county signs
Examples of city and county signs
Examples of city and county signs

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If you have any questions regarding official city or official county signs, please contact the Iowa DOT's agent Rob Strickler at 515-239-1647