Iowa Statewide Park and Ride System

Park and Ride business partnership opportunity


The Iowa Department of Transportation is interested in expanding its existing park and ride system to include lots that are identified as candidate locations for park and rides in the Iowa Park and Ride System Plan. As a part of this expansion, the Iowa DOT is looking to identify partnership opportunities with cities, counties, or businesses/shopping centers located near the candidate locations that were identified.

Contact Us

If you are interested in partnering with the Iowa DOT to establish a park and ride at your business, please contact:

Joseph Drahos
Systems Planning Bureau
Iowa Department of Transportation
800 Lincoln Way
Ames, Iowa 50010

Having a park and ride at your business

What are the benefits?

Increased shopping and exposure
  • Some studies have indicated that between 25 to 69 percent of shopping center park and ride users shop at those locations.
  • Those studies have also shown that of those park and ride users that shop, more than 42 percent are induced or diverted to shopping at their park and ride location as opposed to shopping somewhere else.
  • These studies indicate that, on average, park and ride activity at these shopping centers caused an increase of $5 in sales per park and ride user, per day.
Increased activity and surveillance
  • Park and ride users can make your lots look fuller during the day.
  • There can be an increase in activity early in the morning or later at night, which could mean increased safety and surveillance of your parking lots.

Is your business a good fit for a park and ride?

If your business or shopping center has one or more of the following qualities, it may be an ideal location for a park and ride.
  • Near a candidate location: Ideal locations should be located within approximately a 5-mile radius of a candidate location identified in the statewide plan. To view a map of the candidate locations, please click on this link and navigate to the 3rd tab on the map labeled "Candidate Locations."
  • Security: Sites should provide a degree of security for the user, such as lights, visibility from the roadway, etc.
  • Site size: Lot size should be able to accommodate regular customers as well as park and ride users.
  • Access: Park and ride facilities should be easily accessible from major roadways/commuter routes.
  • Transit service: Access to transit service can provide commuters with more affordable options, thereby increasing use of the lot.
  • Bike and pedestrian access: Providing access to trails and sidewalks can promote use by those using bicycles or walking.