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Iowa DOT library
Library researchThe Iowa DOT library exists to collect, curate, and distribute transportation-related research and information to aid Iowa DOT planners, designers, engineers, and scientists in creating innovative transportation systems to serve Iowans.

The Iowa DOT library serves:
  • All Iowa DOT and state government employees.
  • The faculty, staff and students of Iowa State University, the ISU Institute for Transportation (InTrans), and other Iowa universities and colleges.
  • Local Iowa transportation departments (city or county).
  • Transportation libraries and university transportation centers around the world.
  • Public libraries and their patrons.
  • The public.
The Iowa DOT library serves in research gathering, literature searches, database access, and serial access as needed to propose and complete transportation research and construction projects.

The Iowa DOT library shares its resources with other transportation libraries, transportation knowledge networks and university transportation centers, and shares responsibility for cataloging and organizing resources with these entities. While first serving transportation professionals and researchers, the Iowa DOT library shares resources with, and answers reference questions for, public libraries and the general public.
Library resources

State library collections

The Iowa DOT library is proud to partner with the State Library of Iowa. The State Library of Iowa provides all of Iowa's citizens with focused special library collections, provides access to historic newspaper databases and other information.

Iowa library services website

Library catalog

National Transportation Library Catalog
Transportation libraries around the country share a union catalog of resources. If you cannot find what you are looking for in our catalog, search TLCat, and we can get it for you via interlibrary loan.

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Library staff

Leighton Christiansen - librarian
Lori Fiscus - library assistant
Staffing hours: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. most days. If you are planning a visit or need individual assistance, please make an appointment.
Email: dot.library@dot.iowa.gov
Phone: 515-239-1200


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