DOT Employee and Non-DOT Web-based training Courses
Both Aggregate Sampler Review
Both Aggregate Technician Review
Both Basic Survey for Iowa Inspections
Both Erosion Control ESC Basics
Both Erosion Control Technician Review
Both Erosion Control Update
Both HMA Level I Review
Both HMA Level I Update
Both HMA Level II Review
Both HMA Sampler Review
Both IM 204
Both Iowa Basic Plan Reading
Both Iowa Traffic Control and Personal Safety
Both Math Basics Series for Highway Technicians
Both PCC Level I Review
Both PCC Level II Review
Both PCC Level II Update
Both PCC Level III Review
Both Ride Quality Review
Both Soils Review
DOT Employee TTSCN001 Improving the Daily Diary
DOT Employee TTSCN002 GPS Technology
DOT Employee TTSCN003 Construction of PCC Pavements Series
DOT Employee TTSCN004 PCC Paving Field Inspection
DOT Employee TTSCN005 HMA Paving Field Inspection
DOT Employee TTSCN006 Bolted Connections
DOT Employee TTSCN007 Basic Construction Surveying
DOT Employee TTSCN009 Plan Reading - Highway Plan Reading Basics
DOT Employee TTSCN010 Plan Reading - Grading Plans
DOT Employee TTSCN011 Plan Reading - Traffic Control Plans
DOT Employee TTSCN012 Plan Reading - Erosion and Sediment Control Plans
DOT Employee TTSCN013 Plan Reading - Right-of-Way Plans
DOT Employee TTSCN014 Plan Reading - County Plans
DOT Employee TTSCN015 Plan Reading - Bridge Plans
DOT Employee TTSCN016 Plan Reading - Culvert Plans
DOT Employee TTSCN017 Roller Compacted Concrete Pavements
DOT Employee TTSCN018 Pipe Installation, Inspection, and Quality
DOT Employee TTSCN019 Change Orders, Claims, and Dispute Resolutions
DOT Employee TTSCN021 Earthwork - Earth Materials as Engineering Materials
DOT Employee TTSCN022 Earthwork - Site Preparation
DOT Employee TTSCN023 Earthwork Series - Grades and Grading
DOT Employee TTSCN024 Earthwork Series - Excavation
DOT Employee TTSCN025 Earthwork Series: Fill Placement
DOT Employee TTSCN026 Hot-In-Place Recycling
DOT Employee TTSCN027 Construction of Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) Walls
DOT Employee TTSCN028 Pile Driving Inspector Tutorial
DOT Employee TTSCN029 Drilled Shafts Inspector Tutorial
DOT Employee TTSCN030 Construction of PCC Pavements:  Production
DOT Employee TTSCN031 Construction of PCC Pavements: Paving Process
DOT Employee TTSCN032 Construction of PCC Pavements: Jointing, Sawing, and Curing
DOT Employee TTSCN033 Rockfall Stabilization
DOT Employee TTSCN035 3D Engineered Models for Construction Series Introduction - Module 1
DOT Employee TTSCN036 3D Engineered Models for Construction Series Surveying and 3D Engineered Models – Module 2
DOT Employee TTSCN037 Bridge Cleaning
DOT Employee TTSCN038 Thin-Polymer Bridge Deck Overlay Systems
DOT Employee TTSCN039 Construction Stormwater
DOT Employee TTSCN040 Trenchless Technology
DOT Employee TTSCN041 Guardrail Basics
DOT Employee TTSCN042 Guardrail Installation and Inspection
DOT Employee TTSCN043 Understanding Materials Testing for Inspectors
DOT Employee TTSCN044 Introduction to e-Construction
DOT Employee TTSCN049 Best Practices for HFST
DOT Employee TTSCN050 CPM Scheduling
DOT Employee TTSCN051 Managing CPM Schedules
DOT Employee TTSCN052 Erosion and Sediment Control
DOT Employee TTSCN053 Construction Inspection of Structures Series: Subsurface
DOT Employee TTSCN054 Construction Inspection of Structures Series: Substructures
DOT Employee TTSCN055 Construction Inspection of Structures Series: Superstructures
DOT Employee TTSCN056 Field Environmental Emergency Compliance
DOT Employee TTSCN057 Clean Water Act Compliance During Construction (Section 404)
DOT Employee TTSCN058 Hazardous Materials Management Series: Introduction to the Initial Site Assessment (ISA) Process
DOT Employee TTSCN059 Hazardous Materials Management Series: Regulatory and Legal Issues
DOT Employee TTSCN060 Hazardous Materials Management Series: Defining Site Assessments
DOT Employee TTSCN061 Hazardous Materials Management Series: Completing the Initial Site Assessment (ISA)
DOT Employee TTSCN062 Hazardous Materials Management Series: Land Use Concerns
DOT Employee TTSCN063 Hazardous Materials Management Series: Using Regulatory Agency Databases
DOT Employee TTSCN064 Hazardous Materials Management Series: Conducting Field Interviews
DOT Employee TTSCN065 Hazardous Materials Management Series: Preparing NEPA Documentation
DOT Employee TTSCN066 Hazardous Materials Management Series: Preparing Recommendation and Action
DOT Employee TTSCN067 NEPA Indirect and Cumulative Impact Analysis
DOT Employee TTSCN068 NEPA Overview - Determining Transportation Needs
DOT Employee TTSCN069 NEPA Overview - Evaluating Sub-Regional and Local Transportation Needs
DOT Employee TTSCN070 NEPA Overview - Launching a Project
DOT Employee TTSCN071 NEPA Overview Series Refining Alternatives
DOT Employee TTSCN072 NEPA Overview Series Preparing and Reviewing NEPA Documents
DOT Employee TTSCN073 Revegetation During Construction
DOT Employee TTSCN074 NEPA Overview - Final Stages and Re-evaluations
DOT Employee TTSCN075 Environmental Predecessor Series Air Quality
DOT Employee TTSCN076 Environmental Predecessor Series Archaeology
DOT Employee TTSCN077 Environmental Predecessor Series Community Impact Assessment
DOT Employee TTSCN078 Environmental Predecessor Series Noise
DOT Employee TTSCN079 Warm Mix Asphalt
DOT Employee TTSCN080 Environmental Triggers Air Quality
DOT Employee TTSCN081 Environmental Triggers Archaeological
DOT Employee TTSCN082 Environmental Triggers Biological Resources
DOT Employee TTSCN083 Environmental Triggers Community Impact
DOT Employee TTSCN084 Environmental Triggers Hazardous Materials
DOT Employee TTSCN085 Environmental Triggers Noise Assessment
DOT Employee TTSCN086 Environmental Triggers Water Resources
DOT Employee TTSCN087 Intelligent Compaction
DOT Employee TTSCN088 Inspection of Concrete Pavement Repair, Jointed and CRCP
DOT Employee TTSCN089 Micropile
DOT Employee TTSCN090 Construction Inspector Orientation
DOT Employee TTSCN091 Pavement Markings
DOT Employee TTSCN092 Shop Drawings
DOT Employee TTSCN093 Installation and Inspection of Precast Pavement Systems
DOT Employee TTSCN097 Corrosion of Structures
DOT Employee TTSCN098 Introduction to GIS Mapping
DOT Employee TTSCN099 Fund of Ultra-high Perform Concrete for Structures
DOT Employee TTSCN100 Drainage Impacts During Highway Construction
DOT Employee TTSCN101 Right of Way Engineering Essentials
DOT Employee TTSCN102 Basics of Constructability
DOT Employee TTSED001 Ethics in the Transportation Industry
DOT Employee TTSED003 Transportation Asset Management Overview
DOT Employee TTSED004 Math Basics Series
DOT Employee TTSED005 Math Basics for Maintenance Technicians
DOT Employee TTSED006 Math Basics for Construction Inspectors
DOT Employee TTSED007 Math Basics for Materials Technicians
DOT Employee TTSED008 Math Basics - Arithmetic
DOT Employee TTSED009 Math Basics - Order of Operations
DOT Employee TTSED010 Math Basics - Fractions
DOT Employee TTSED011 Math Basics - Decimals
DOT Employee TTSED012 Math Basics - Percentages
DOT Employee TTSED013 Math Basics - Ratios
DOT Employee TTSED014 Math Basics - Unit Conversions
DOT Employee TTSED015 Math Basics - Mean
DOT Employee TTSED016 Math Basics - Area
DOT Employee TTSED017 Math Basics - Volume
DOT Employee TTSED018 Math Basics - Slope
DOT Employee TTSED019 Instructor Preparation
DOT Employee TTSED020 Ethics Awareness for Engineers
DOT Employee TTSED021 Public Relation Skills
DOT Employee TTSED022 Transportation Communication Best Practices
DOT Employee TTSMN002 PCC Pavement Preservation - Preventive Maintenance
DOT Employee TTSMN003 PCC Pavement Preservation - Concrete Pavement Evaluation
DOT Employee TTSMN005 PCC Pavement Preservation - Partial Depth Repair
DOT Employee TTSMN006 PCC Pavement Preservation - Full Depth Repairs
DOT Employee TTSMN007 PCC Pavement Preservation - Retrofitted Edge Drains
DOT Employee TTSMN008 PCC Pavement Preservation - Dowel Bar Retrofit
DOT Employee TTSMN009 PCC Pavement Preservation - Diamond Grinding and Grooving
DOT Employee TTSMN011 PCC Pavement Preservation - Strategy Selection
DOT Employee TTSMN012 Recognizing Roadside Weeds
DOT Employee TTSMN013 Inspector Training for Cold In-Place Recycling (CIR)
DOT Employee TTSMN015 MTS - Pavement Preservation Program
DOT Employee TTSMN016 MTS - Shaping and Shoulders
DOT Employee TTSMN021 Maintenance Training Series: Roadside Vegetation Management
DOT Employee TTSMN023 Maintenance Training Series: Basics of Work Zone Traffic Control
DOT Employee TTSMN024 MTS - Underground Storage Tanks
DOT Employee TTSMN025 MTS - Cultural and Historic Preservation
DOT Employee TTSMN026 PCC Pavement Preservation - Concrete Overlays
DOT Employee TTSMN027 Full Depth Reclamation (FDR)
DOT Employee TTSMN028 Stormwater Maintenance
DOT Employee TTSMN029 Guardrail Maintenance and Repair
DOT Employee TTSMN032 Construction Inspection of Structures Series: Rehabilitation and Maintenance of Structures
DOT Employee TTSMN033 Preventative Maintenance Concepts for State Fleet Operations
DOT Employee TTSMN034 Benchmarking and Best Practices for State Equipment Fleet Management
DOT Employee TTSMN035 Core Equipment Complements and Optimal Sizing of Fleets
DOT Employee TTSMN036 Bridge Preservation Guide
DOT Employee TTSMN038 Thin-Polymer Bridge Deck Overlay
DOT Employee TTSMN039 Removal and Replacement of Bridge Coatings
DOT Employee TTSMN042 Concrete Bridge Deck Patching
DOT Employee TTSMN044 Repair of Bridge Concrete Substructure Elements
DOT Employee TTSMN046 Cable Barrier Maintenance and Repair
DOT Employee TTSMN048 Snow and Ice for Pedestrian and Bicycle Facilities
DOT Employee TTSMN049 Maintenance and Repair
DOT Employee TTSMN051 Rigid Deck Overlays
DOT Employee TTSMS001 Basic Materials for Highway and Structure Construction
DOT Employee TTSMS003 PCC - Design of Pavement
DOT Employee TTSMS004 PCC - Hardened Concrete Properties - Durability
DOT Employee TTSMS005 PCC - Material Fundamentals
DOT Employee TTSMS006 PCC - Incompatibility in Concrete Pavement Systems
DOT Employee TTSMS007 PCC - Mix Design Principles
DOT Employee TTSMS008 PCC - Early Age Cracking
DOT Employee TTSMS010 PCC - Fresh Properties
DOT Employee TTSMS011 PCC - Construction
DOT Employee TTSMS012 PCC - QAQC
DOT Employee TTSMS014 Testing Self-Consolidation Concrete
DOT Employee TTSMS015 Advanced Self-Consolidating Concrete
DOT Employee TTSMS016 Superpave Mix Design Process and Analysis
DOT Employee TTSMS017 Superpave for Construction
DOT Employee TTSMS018 Aggregate Sampling Basics
DOT Employee TTSMS019 Materials Testing - Reducing Aggregate Samples
DOT Employee TTSMS021 Fundamentals of Geosynthetic Materials
DOT Employee TTSMS022 AASHTO Designation T 312
DOT Employee TTSMS024 AASHTO Designation T 209
DOT Employee TTSMS026 Compaction Technician Basics
DOT Employee TTSMS027 Quality Management Systems
DOT Employee TTSMS028 AASHTO Designation T 30
DOT Employee TTSMS029 AASHTO Designation T 166
DOT Employee TTSMS031 AASHTO Designation R 60
DOT Employee TTSMS032 AASHTO Designation T 309
DOT Employee TTSMS033 AASHTO Designation T 119
DOT Employee TTSMS034 AASHTO Designation T 121
DOT Employee TTSMS035 AASHTO Designation T 152
DOT Employee TTSMS036 AASHTO Designation T 23
DOT Employee TTSMS038 Cold Weather Concreting
DOT Employee TTSMS039 AASHTO Designation R 47
DOT Employee TTSMS040 AASHTO Designation R 66
DOT Employee TTSMS041 AASHTO Designation R97
DOT Employee TTSMS042 AASHTO Designation T 310
DOT Employee TTSMS043 AASHTO Designation T 355
DOT Employee TTSMS044 Quality Assurance Concepts
DOT Employee TTSMS045 QA: Introduction to Quality Assurance Programs
DOT Employee TTSMS047 QA: Introduction to Variability
DOT Employee TTSMS049 QA: Frequency Tables and Histograms
DOT Employee TTSMS050 QA: Calculating Statistical Values to Analyze Data
DOT Employee TTSMS051 QA Quality Measures
DOT Employee TTSMS061 Random Sampling of Construction Materials
DOT Employee TTSMS063 Hot-dip Galvanized Steel for Hwy Transp
DOT Employee TTSMS064 Reinforcing Steel for Structures
DOT Employee TTSMS065 AASHTO Designation T 176
DOT Employee TTSMS066 AASHTO Designation T 304
DOT Employee TTSPP001 Chip Seal Best Practices
DOT Employee TTSPP003 Flexible Pavement Preservation Treatment Series Introduction to Pavement Preservation
DOT Employee TTSPP004 FPPTS - Materials
DOT Employee TTSPP005 Flexible Pavement Preservation Treatment Series Crack Sealing and Fillings
DOT Employee TTSPP006 Flexible Pavement Preservation Treatment Series Localized Pavement Repairs
DOT Employee TTSPP007 Flexible Pavement Preservation Treatment Series Chip Seals
DOT Employee TTSPP008 Flexible Pavement Preservation Treatment Series Fog Seals
DOT Employee TTSPP009 Flexible Pavement Preservation Treatment Series Slurry Seals
DOT Employee TTSPP010 Flexible Pavement Preservation Treatment Series Micro-Surfacing
DOT Employee TTSPP011 Flexible Pavement Preservation Treatment Series Thin Functional HMA Overlay
DOT Employee TTSPP012 Flexible Pavement Preservation Treatment Series Ultra Thin HMA Bonded Wearing
DOT Employee TTSPP013 Flexible Pavement Preservation Treatment Series Selecting the Right Treatment
DOT Employee TTSTS001 Safety Orientation
DOT Employee TTSTS002 Safe Use of Hand and Power Operated Tools
DOT Employee TTSTS003 Safe Use of Basic Carpentry Tools
DOT Employee TTSTS005 CDL Air Brakes
DOT Employee TTSTS006 CDL Pre Trip Inspection
DOT Employee TTSTS007 PPE
DOT Employee TTSTS008 High Visibility Garments
DOT Employee TTSTS012 Bridge Construction Inspection Safety
DOT Employee TTSTS013 Job Hazard Analysis
DOT Employee TTSTS014 Maintenance of Drainage Features for Safety
DOT Employee TTSTS015 Bloodborne Pathogens
DOT Employee TTSTS016 Construction Safety - Recognition and Avoidance of Unsafe Conditions
DOT Employee TTSTS017 Construction Safety - PPE
DOT Employee TTSTS018 Construction Safety: Electrical Safety
DOT Employee TTSTS019 Construction Safety: Scaffolding Safety
DOT Employee TTSTS020 Construction Safety: Fall Protection
DOT Employee TTSTS021 Construction Safety: Material and Personnel Hoists
DOT Employee TTSTS022 Construction Safety: Earthmoving Equipment and Motor Vehicles
DOT Employee TTSTS023 Construction Safety - Excavating and Trenching
DOT Employee TTSTS024 Construction Safety - Barges
DOT Employee TTSTS025 Construction Safety - Demolition of Structures
DOT Employee TTSTS026 Construction Safety: Crane Safety
DOT Employee TTSTS027 Construction Safety Concrete and Masonry Construction
DOT Employee TTSTS028 Construction Safety - Working Safely in Work Zones
DOT Employee TTSTS029 Construction Safety - Confined Spaces
DOT Employee TTSTS030 Construction Safety: Hazardous Materials
DOT Employee TTSTS032 Fundamentals of Road Safety Audits
DOT Employee TTSTS034 Fundamentals of Traffic Operations
DOT Employee TTSTS035 Strategies for Accommodating Pedestrians, Bicyclists, and Motorcyclists in Work Zones
DOT Employee TTSTS036 Temporary Traffic Control and Safety in Short-term Work Zones
DOT Employee TTSTS037 Working with Law Enforcement in Work Zones
DOT Employee TTSTS038 Inspection of Electrical Systems
DOT Employee TTSWO01 Anti-icing-RWIS Introduction to Anti-icing and Winter Maintenance
DOT Employee TTSWO02 Anti-icing-RWIS Winter Road Maintenance Management
DOT Employee TTSWO03 Anti-icing-RWIS  Winter Roadway Hazards and the Principles of Overcoming Them
DOT Employee TTSWO04 Anti-icing-RWIS Weather Basics
DOT Employee TTSWO05 Anti-icing-RWIS Weather and Roadway Monitoring for Anti-icing Decisions
DOT Employee TTSWO06 Anti-icing-RWIS Computer Access to Road Weather Information
DOT Employee TTSWO07 Anti-icing-RWIS Anti-icing Practice in Winter Maintenance Operations
DOT Employee TTSWO09 Blowing Snow Mitigation
DOT Employee TTSWO10 Deicing
DOT Employee TTSWO11 Equipment Maintenance
DOT Employee TTSWO12 Performance Measures for Snow and Ice Control Operation
DOT Employee TTSWO13 Proper Plowing Techniques
DOT Employee TTSWO14 Selecting Snow and Ice Control Materials to Mitigate Environmental Impacts
DOT Employee TTSWO15 Winter Maintenance Management


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