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Application process overview for permanent positions

The applicant creates an account with the Iowa Department of Administrative Services, including entering/uploading a current resume and cover letter. The applicant may then apply online directly through the DAS website or indirectly through a link on the Iowa DOT Careers website.

DAS will evaluate applicant information to determine whether or not he/she meets the minimum qualifications. If the candidate meets the minimum qualifications, DAS will email the applicant letting them know whether they have met the minimum qualifications or not. The application will then be submitted to the Iowa DOT, along with those of other qualifying applicants.

The Iowa DOT will review the qualifying applicants' information forwarded by DAS and choose applicants for interview(s) based on those appearing to be the most qualified based on the information submitted.

After a candidate is selected and has accepted the position, the remaining applicants referred to the Iowa DOT will be informed that the vacancy has been filled.

There is not a set time frame when these processes must occur and it can vary significantly from position to position.


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