Except for the Design Tabulations listed below, Design Tabulations have been moved to a web application called Design Tabulations. Design Tabulations can be found here. All new Design Tabulations and revisions to Design Tabulations are being maintained only in the new application.

Design Tabulations Excel Icon   DGN file
    Excel Tabs
100 Estimate of Quantities Excel Icon    
100-0A Estimated Roadway Quantities (1 Division Project)   PDF file  
100-1A Estimated Project Quantities   PDF file  
100-4A Estimate Reference Information   PDF file  
100-1C Estimated Project Quantities (Up to a 5 Division Project)   PDF file  
100-1D Project Description   PDF file  
100-05 Curb and Gutter    
100-07 Fencing   PDF file  
100-08 Removal of Fence   PDF file  
100-09 Transition Mat   PDF file  
100-10 Floating Silt Curtains   PDF file  
100-11 Erosion Control for Intake or Manhole Well   PDF file  
100-12A Estimated Erosion Control Project Quantities P.S. & E. Only   PDF file  
100-13 Silt Ditches   PDF file  
100-14 Silt Basins   PDF file  
100-15 Silt Dikes   PDF file  
100-16 Tabulation of Intercepting Ditches   PDF file  
100-17 Tabulation of Silt Fences   PDF file  
100-18 Silt Fences for Ditch Checks   PDF file  
100-19 Perimeter and Slope Sediment Control Devices   PDF file  
100-20 Planting Quantities Listing   PDF file  
100-21 Fill for Culverts used in Bridge Replacements   PDF file  
100-22 Rolled Erosion Control   PDF file  
100-23 Rock Erosion Control   PDF file  
100-24 PCC Pavement   PDF file  
100-25 HMA Pavement   PDF file  
100-26 Incidental Items   PDF file  
100-27 Proposed Posted Speed Limit   PDF file  
100-28 Longitudinal Grooving   PDF file  
100-32 Rock Check Dam   PDF file  
100-33 Temporary Sediment Control Basin   PDF file  
100-34 Stormwater Drainage Basin   PDF file  
100-36 Open-Throat Curb Intake Sediment Filter   PDF file  
100-37 Grate Intake Sediment Filter Bag   PDF file  
101 Design Information Excel Icon   DGN file
101-4 Rural Design Designation   PDF icon  
101-5 Urban Design Designation   PDF icon  
101-6 Rural Urban (Combination) Design Designation   PDF icon  
101-7 Interstate Design Designation   PDF icon  
101-8 Wedge Course for Superelevated Curves   PDF icon  
101-10 Painted Islands   PDF icon  
101-16 Alignment Coordinates   PDF icon  
101-17 Spiral/Circular Curve Data   PDF icon  
101-18 Superelevation Data   PDF icon  
102 Access and Maintenance Data Excel Icon    
102-3 Access Points and Safety Ramps   PDF icon  
102-4 Locations of Road Closure Barricades    PDF icon  
102-5 Existing Pavement   PDF icon  
102-5A Existing HMA Pavement for Recycling   PDF icon  
102-6C Full Depth Patches   PDF icon  
102-10 Partial Depth PCC Finish Patches   PDF icon  
102-11 Partial Depth Regular HMA Finish Patches   PDF icon  
102-12 Partial Depth Irregular HMA Finish Patches   PDF icon  
102-14 Partial Depth HMA or PCC Repair Patches   PDF icon  
102-16 Notches and Runouts for Resurfacing   PDF icon  
102-17 Cross Stitching   PDF icon  
103 Soils Data Excel Icon    
103-1 Embankment with Moisture and Density Control   PDF icon  
103-3 Proposed Subgrade Treatment   PDF icon  
103-5 Settlement Plates   PDF icon  
103-6 Embankment with Moisture Control   PDF icon  
103-7 Shrinkage Data   PDF icon  
103-10 Topsoil Stripping and Placement   PDF icon  
103-11 Select Treatment   PDF icon  
103-12 Slide Repair   PDF icon  
104 Drainage Structure Data Excel Icon    
104-3 Drainage Structure by Road Contractor   PDF icon  
104-4 Roadway Items for Drainage Structures Installed by Culvert Contractor   PDF icon  
104-5A Intakes and Utility Accesses   PDF icon  
104-5B Storm Sewer   PDF icon  
104-5C List of Subdrain Work   PDF icon  
104-6 Wick Drain or Sand Drain Fields   PDF icon  
104-8 Bridge End Drains   PDF icon  
104-8A Scour Protection or Rock Flume for Bridge End Drain   PDF icon  
104-8B Bridge End Drains (with Letdown)   PDF icon  
104-9A Longitudinal Subdrain Shoulder   PDF icon  
104-9B Longitudinal Subdrain Backslope   PDF icon  
104-9C Longitudinal Subdrain Bridge Berm   PDF icon  
104-10 Adjustment of Fixtures   PDF icon  
104-11 Rebuilding of Intakes and Utility Accesses   PDF icon  
104-12 Subdrain and Grading at Side Piers   PDF icon  
104-13 Foreslope Flattening and Drainage Structures by Road Contractor (Mainline Pipes)   PDF icon  
104-14 Linear Trench Drain   PDF icon  
105 Title Sheet Data Excel Icon   DGN file
105-1 Mileage Summary   PDF icon  
105-4 Standards   PDF icon  
105-3 Index of Sheets   PDF icon  
106 Widening and Resurfacing (Stage Improvement) Excel Icon    
106-1 Strengthening Courses   PDF icon  
106-2 Leveling Courses   PDF icon  
106-4 Shoulders for Widening & Resurfacing   PDF icon  
106-5 Areas for Pavement or Base Widening   PDF icon  
106-7 Fabric Reinforcement for Control of Reflective Cracking    PDF icon  
106-8 Longitudinal Joint Repair   PDF icon  
107 Earthwork and Excavation Data Excel Icon    
107-7 Shoulder Material Availability Areas   PDF icon  
107-22 Wing Dikes   PDF icon  
107-23 Grading For Guardrail Installations   PDF icon  
107-24 Grading For High Tension Cable Guardrail Installations   PDF icon  
107-25 Tabulation of Rock Splitting   PDF icon  
107-28 Tabulation of Template Quantities and Adjustments   PDF icon  
107-29 Tabulation of Template Quantities and Adjustments   PDF icon  
107-30 Tabulation of Template Quantities and Adjustments    PDF icon  
107-31 Plowing and Shaping   PDF icon  
108 Lighting - Signing - Guardrail Excel IconExcel Icon    
108-1 Lighting Installations   PDF icon  
108-2 Electrical Ducts   PDF icon  
108-2A Listing of Lighting and Signal Work   PDF icon  
108-8A Steel Beam Guardrail at Concrete Barrier or Bridge Rail End Section   PDF icon  
108-8B Steel Beam Guardrail for Side Obstacle (Two-Way Protection)   PDF icon  
108-8C Steel Beam Guardrail for Side Obstacle (One-Way Protection)   PDF icon  
108-8D Steel Beam Guardrail at Railroad Signals    PDF icon  
108-9A High Tension Cable Guardrail   PDF icon  
108-11A Highway Lighting Data   PDF icon  
108-12 Wire, Cable and Connectors   PDF icon  
108-13A Safety Closures   PDF icon  
108-15 Concrete Steps and Combined Concrete Steps and Retaining Wall Construction   PDF icon  
108-16 Combined Concrete Sidewalk and Retaining Wall   PDF icon  
108-18 Concrete Barrier at Median Locations   PDF icon  
108-18B Concrete Barrier at Side Locations   PDF icon  
108-20 Concrete Barrier with MSE Wall   PDF icon  
108-22 Pavement Marking Line Types   PDF icon  
108-23A Traffic Control Plan   PDF icon  
108-23B Traffic Control Closure Table(s)   PDF icon  
108-24 Safety Grate Treatment   PDF icon  
108-25 511 Travel Restrictions   PDF icon  
108-26A Staging Notes   PDF icon  
108-27 Temporary Floodlighting Luminaires   PDF icon  
108-28 Temporary Traffic Signals   PDF icon  
108-29 Pavement Marking Symbols and Legends   PDF icon  
108-30 Crash Cushions   PDF icon  
108-33 Temporary Barrier Rail   PDF icon  
108-34 Chevrons   PDF icon  
108-35  Temporary Lane Separator System   PDF icon  
110 Removal and Disposition Excel Icon    
110-1 Removal of Pavement   PDF Icon  
110-2 Removal of Existing Structures   PDF Icon  
110-3 Flume Removal   PDF Icon  
110-4 Curb Removal   PDF Icon  
110-5 Sidewalk Removal   PDF Icon  
110-6 Breaking Up Pavement   PDF Icon  
110-7A Removal of Steel Beam Guardrail   PDF Icon  
110-7B Removal of Cable Guardrail   PDF Icon  
110-8 Removal of Concrete Drives   PDF Icon  
110-9 Culvert Abandonment   PDF Icon  
110-10 Salvage and Removal of Buildings   PDF Icon  
110-11 Asbestos Removal in Buildings   PDF Icon  
110-12 Pollution Prevention Plan   PDF Icon  
110-12L Pollution Prevention Plan   PDF Icon  
110-13 Delivery and Stockpiling   PDF Icon  
110-14 Sanitary or Storm Sewer Abandonment or Removal   PDF Icon  
110-15 Removal of Intakes and Utility Accesses   PDF Icon  
110-16 Removal of Light Poles and Concrete Footings   PDF Icon  
110-17 Clearing and Grubbing   PDF Icon  
110-18 Removal of Existing Longitudinal Subdrains   PDF Icon  
110-19 Removal of Existing Longitudinal Subdrains When Existing Pavement is Removed   PDF Icon  
111 Miscellaneous Construction Forms Excel Icon Excel IconExcel Icon   DGN file
111-1 Coordinated Operations   PDF Icon  
111-2 Tabulation of Revisions   PDF Icon  
111-23 Listing of Project Revisions   PDF Icon  
111-25 Index of Tabulations   PDF Icon  
112 Pavement Construction Forms Excel Icon    
112-3 Railroad Approach Sections   PDF Icon  
112-4 Curbs and Raised Islands   PDF Icon  
112-5 Concrete Medians   PDF Icon  
112-6 Bridge Approach Section   PDF Icon  
112-7 Rumble Strip Panels   PDF Icon  
112-8 Median Crossovers   PDF Icon  
112-9 Shoulders   PDF Icon  
112-10 Milled Rumble Strips   PDF Icon  
113 Pedestrian Detours and Closures Excel IconExcel IconExcel Icon    
113-1 Sidewalks   PDF Icon  
113-1A Sidewalks   PDF Icon  
113-2 Pedestrian Path Closures   PDF Icon  
113-3 Pedestrian Channelizers   PDF Icon  
113-10 Sidewalk Compliance - Data should be imported into Design Tabulations for final use.   PDF Icon  
113-10A Sidewalk Compliance - Data should be imported into Design Tabulations for final use.   PDF Icon  
190 Signing Excel Icon    
190-1 Sign Support Structures   PDF Icon  
190-10 Overhead Bridge Mounted Sign Bracket Assemblies   PDF Icon  
190-11 Signing Materials for At-Grade Crossovers   PDF Icon  
190-25 Reference Location Signs and Delineators   PDF Icon  
190-50 Materials for Type 'B' Signs   PDF Icon  
190-51 Materials for Type 'A' Signs   PDF Icon  
190-52 Materials for Overhead Sign Support Structures   PDF Icon  
190-54 Signing Materials for Expressway At-Grade Intersections   PDF Icon  
190-61 Existing Signs to be Reinstalled   PDF Icon  
190-62 Existing Signs to be Removed   PDF Icon  
190-65 Special Sign Mounting Brackets   PDF Icon  
190-66 Summary of Type 'A' Signs   PDF Icon  
190-67 Catwalks and Lighting to be Removed   PDF Icon  
192 Dynamic Message Signing Excel Icon    
192-01 Materials for Steel Roadside DMS Sign Support   PDF Icon  
Archived Tabulations
Archived Tabulations


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