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Des Moines is one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the Midwest, and it will take collaboration and coordination to effectively address current and future transportation needs.

The Iowa Department of Transportation is studying integrated corridor management (ICM) strategies and selected capacity improvements to cost-effectively and proactively manage traffic in the Des Moines metropolitan area. Iowa DOT plans to cooperatively use ICM strategies throughout the area to proactively manage traffic under all types of conditions to deliver improved levels of safety, mobility, reliability, and quality of life for all users.

During 2021, we’ll be introducing new ICM initiatives and projects that might impact your travel throughout the metro. Bookmark this page to serve as your key resource for project updates and information.

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The integrated corridor management (ICM) concept provides a framework for coordination among all areas of transportation - making sure we utilize and improve multiple transportation modes and not just freeways. It is a collaboration of multiple agencies working together to improve transportation in our community as a network and not as separate segments

ICM strategies that promote integration among freeways, arterials, and transit systems can help balance traffic flow and improve performance of the entire corridor. The benefits of ICM include:

  • Fewer traffic incidents, particularly ones that occur as a result of another event, also called secondary incidents.
  • Reduced amount of time an incident has the potential to impact traffic, in turn increasing safety and mobility.
  • More predictable travel times.
  • The ability to more quickly make incident information available on traveler information sources.
  • Increased or more complete information about other routes or travel options if an incident or traffic congestion does occur.
  • Increased use of other routes or travel options to meet the demand of traffic.
  • Reduced vehicle emissions and fuel consumption resulting from congestion.


Iowa DOT has identified multiple stakeholders throughout the metro and will actively engage these groups and the general public throughout the ICM development process.

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