I-80/I-380 Construction

Construction Updates


Construction is substantially complete, but there may be median barrier work and clean-up work around the project area in 2024. Some overnight lane closures may be needed on I-380, I-80, and U.S. 218 for final punch-list resolution and erosion control.

2023 Construction

Although the project is substantially complete, please continue to be aware of work crews, inspectors, and large slow-moving equipment as contractors work on finishing activities in the project area including median barrier rails, erosion control and permanent pavement markings.

Construction activities in 2023 will include work such as:

  • Construction of Jasper Avenue Bridge over I-80
  • Median barrier construction to take place along I-80 and I-380
  • Erosion control

Construction activities completed in 2023 include:
  • Construction of the new I-80 westbound to U.S. 218 southbound ramp
  • Construction of the new U.S. 218 northbound to I-80 westbound ramp
  • Trail construction
  • Construction of new bridges on I-380 southbound
  • Construction of the new I-80 eastbound bridge over Clear Creak
  • Construction of Jasper Avenue Bridge over I-80
  • Paving along I-380 southbound
  • Paving along I-80 eastbound
  • Lane shifts on I-80 to accommodate widening, grading, paving and reconstruction of the I-80 eastbound lanes and I-80 westbound lanes west of I-380 near Ireland Ave
  • Widening, grading, and paving along I-80 westbound

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2023 Fall Construction Video

Watch our 2023 Fall Construction Video to get a bird’s-eye view at construction activities that have been taking place.

2023 Construction Activities

The map below illustrates ongoing work throughout the interchange and what you can expect while driving through the area. Click on the letters to see more details about construction activities throughout the interchange.


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If you drive the I-80/I-380 Systems Interchange, follow 511 to get the most current information about closures, lane shifts, and other construction-related impacts.


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