I-80/I-380 Construction

Construction Updates

2022 Construction

Construction activities completed in 2022 include:

  • The opening of the new I-380 southbound to I-80 eastbound flyover ramp.
  • Widening, grading, and paving of I-380 from just south of Penn Street to U.S. 6
  • Reconstructed bridges on I-380 southbound over U.S. 6, Iowa Interstate Railroad, and Clear Creek
  • Widening, grading, and paving of approximately 1 mile of U.S. 218 south of the interchange.
  • Grading and paving of I-80 West of the interchange and completion of the I-80 bridges over Clear Creek
  • Construction of the new I-80 bridges over Clear Creek (final barrier rail installation is scheduled for Spring 2023 for the I-80 eastbound bridge)
  • Lane shifts on I-80 to accommodate widening, grading, paving and reconstruction of the I-80 eastbound lanes and I-80 westbound lanes west of I-380 near Ireland Ave

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2022 Fall Construction Video

Watch our 2022 Fall Construction Video to get a bird’s-eye view at construction activities that have been taking place.

2023 Construction Activities - New map coming soon!

If you drive the I-80/I-380 Systems Interchange, follow 511 to get the most current information about closures, lane shifts, and other construction-related impacts.


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