I-80/I-380 construction

Forevergreen Road

To learn more about the construction activities on the Forevergreen Road Interchange since fall 2018, watch the Spring 2019 Forevergreen Road Update video.


The Forevergreen Road Interchange is a separate project in coordination with the I-80/I-380 Interchange project. This interchange will reduce congestion at adjacent interchanges and allow for a turn-around detour during construction on the I-80/I-380 interchange while the northbound to westbound traffic movement is closed. Additionally, it will offer a link to a temporary diversion route in case of emergency.


Coordinated with the Forevergreen Road Interchange project are local road improvements that include paving from east of Kansas Avenue to near Jones Boulevard.

Forevergreen Road Project Location Map

Project location

The Forevergreen Road Interchange Project is approximately two miles south of the existing Penn Street interchange in North Liberty and approximately two miles north of the I-80/I-380 interchange. Forevergreen Road is actively being upgraded from a two-lane gravel road that connects North Liberty, Coralville and Tiffin. This new service interchange is currently under construction and is anticipated to be complete by end of 2019.

Project description

The Forevergreen Road Interchange will provide:

  • Congestion relief to the Penn Street and Coral Ridge Avenue interchanges.
  • Support for regional travel needs for planned economic development and land uses.
  • A diversion route for emergencies.
  • An alternative for temporary traffic routing during the reconstruction of the I-80/I-380 interchange.

Project schedule

Beginning in 2018

  • Forevergreen Road construction between Jasper Avenue and Covered Bridge Boulevard: Utilities were relocated. Grading on this section was delayed due to wet soils. Grading was able to be accelerated by using geo-grid and rock, along with cement stabilization in some areas of the sub-grade. Intakes and storm sewers were placed. Sub-base rock (drainage and foundation layer for the pavement) was placed east of the new bridge. The intersection at Kansas Ave was paved. Half of the roadway between Kansas Ave and Covered Bridge Boulevard was paved.
  • Forevergreen Road Interchange: Bridge construction and grading of the interchange bridge approaches and ramps was substantially complete. Grading was delayed due to the wet soils and some work will be finalized in early 2019. This work is ongoing into 2019.
  • Fall 2018 included utility work between Covered Bridge Boulevard and Jones Boulevard. The north half of roadway from Kansas Avenue to Covered Bridge Boulevard is complete.

Beginning in 2019

2019 Construction Activities for the Forevergreen Road Interchange and local roadway projects include:

  • Late Winter / Early Spring: Off-roadway work such as clearing trees, storm sewer work, and other utility activities.
  • Spring: Forevergreen Road construction between Kansas Avenue and Covered Bridge Boulevard will include the paving of the second half of the roadway.
  • Late Spring / Fall: Staged construction east of Covered Bridge Boulevard. Access will be staged for local traffic.
  • Summer / Fall: Partial, temporary nighttime openings of the two south ramps and bridge with no local access, during beam placement over I-80. Interstate 80 nighttime traffic will be routed to I-380 north, to Forevergreen Road, west across the new Forevergreen Road bridge, and back south to I-80.
  • Summer / Fall: Final paving and finishing such as pavement markings and signs will be completed.