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The Iowa DOT is now using Ion Wave Technologies procurement sourcing application. All solicitation opportunities will be posted and accessed via this application. All interested suppliers, contractors, and service providers can view all currently posted bid opportunities on the Ion Wave website. Registration is only required if responses are going to be submitted. Please access Iowa DOT bid opportunities at https://iowadotebid.ionwave.net/.


You will need to create an Ion Wave Technologies account to submit responses to bids.

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A new addition to the Ion Wave procurement sourcing application is the ability to submit Bid Bond/Proposal Guaranties and Performance Bonds through Surety 2000, a secure web based electronic means for contractors to submit bonds when the bid solicitation requires them. If you frequently do business with the Iowa DOT or if you are new to doing business with the Iowa DOT, we highly recommend registering and subscribing to Surety2000 at https://surety2000.com/. There is an annual subscription fee of $340.00 USD.

Traditional hard copies will still be accepted at this time, but we will be utilizing this safe, secure and quick means as the most common way to view and accept bonds.

Benefits to electronic submission - Using web-based technology, Surety2000 allows the surety agent and surety company to work within an improved interactive environment, without altering existing, traditional relationships. The surety agent communicates with the client while the Surety Company authorizes electronic power of attorney. The keys to Surety2000 are the "Authorization Code," electronic signatures, electronic control over powers of attorney, and the secure interaction and retention of data. In lieu of unreliable paper bonds, the surety agent will generate authorization codes through the system and provide these codes to the contractors/principals. Surety agents electronically sign these documents. The contractor/principal logs into the system to retrieve and electronically sign the bond through Surety 2000 or through its designated electronic bidding system with which Surety 2000 is integrated. The Iowa DOT’s electronic bidding system is Ion Wave Bidding and Sourcing module. https://iowadotebid.ionwave.net

Please contact us with any questions:
Email: iowadot.purchasing@iowadot.us