Purchasing and Operations Manager

Jody McNaughton
Phone: 515-239-1298
Email: jody.mcnaughton@iowadot.us

Purchasing Agents and their assigned commodities


Stephanie DeJohn
Purchasing vendor manager
Phone: 515-233-7971
Email: Stephanie.dejohn@iowadot.us

  • Acts as a liaison between the procurement and distribution bureau and departmental customers:
    • Provides guidance on proper procurement processes to bureau's customers.
    • Relays customer service feedback on bureau service delivery.
    • Establishes relationships and regularly meets with department customer stakeholders.
    • Helps bureau customers identify procedural avenue for potential procurement (formal bid, informal quote, existing contract, existing internal DOT capability, intergovernmental partnership, etc) and guides them to appropriate and most efficient procurement avenue.
    • Helps bureau customers identify and document vendor neutral specifications for use in forthcoming formal and informal procurements as needed.
    • Helps bureau customers research and identify products and services available in the marketplace that could assist them in effective and efficient program delivery.
  • Researches and maintains knowledge of emerging products and services in the marketplace that are applicable to DOT operations and makes DOT stakeholders aware of availability and functionality of the newly available products and services.
  • Meets with potential DOT suppliers to learn about their services and/or provide guidance to prospective suppliers about how to conduct business with the DOT.
  • Maintains awareness of existing DOT contracted goods/services and internal capabilities. Helps customers identify opportunities to consolidate solutions to already available services to facilitate efficient delivery.

Julie Brown
Purchasing agent
Phone: 515-239-1892
Email: julie.brown@iowadot.us

  • Central inventory warehouse — miscellaneous items
  • Engraving
  • Janitorial services
  • Persons with disabilities windshield placards
  • Paint and paint supplies

Purchasing agent
Phone: 515-239-1374

  • Commercial printing & printed items
  • Hardware items, electrical, batteries, and general shop supplies
  • Janitorial and housekeeping supplies
  • Mechanic uniform rentals
  • Office supplies
  • Parts washer services
  • Photography supplies
  • Publications
  • Safety and environmental supplies and PPE

Zachary Gillen
Senior purchasing agent
Phone: 515-239-1347
Email: zachary.gillen@iowadot.us

  • Adaptive traffic signal systems
  • Dynamic message signs
  • Fleet vehicles
  • Intelligent transportation systems/fiber optics
  • IT consulting services and contracts
  • Light, medium, and heavy duty trucks
  • Portable GPS devices
  • Road maintenance and snow removal equipment
  • Snow removal/mowing services
  • Survey Equipment
  • Tractors, mowers, mowing equipment
  • Trailers

Jean Gustafson
Senior purchasing agent
Phone: 515-239-1173
Email: jean.gustafson@iowadot.us

  • Automotive test equipment
  • Cell phones/two-way radios
  • Cutting edges (snow plow blades)
  • Fuel
  • Lamps, luminaries-automotive, house
  • Large power equipment and power tools
  • License plates raw material
  • Herbicides
  • Modular office systems
  • LP gas
  • Petroleum products
  • Lamps, automotive & house
  • Repair parts and maintenance items (auto, truck, road, snow removal equipment, and mowers)
  • Traffic signals and supplies
  • Road aggregates
  • Roadside vegetation/seeds

Senior purchasing agent
Phone: 515-239-1168

  • IT hardware/software
  • IT consulting services and contracts
  • GIS systems
  • Network copiers, fax machines
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)


Senior purchasing agent
Phone: 515-239-1298

  • Building & general facility construction (non road)
  • Hoop Storage Buildings

Julie Randall
Purchasing agent
Phone: 515-239-1572
Email: Julie.randall@iowadot.us

  • Construction projects
  • Building & Facility Renovations (General Construction)
  • Modular Office Systems
  • Rock Salt (Highway Deicer)
  • Sand -Aggregate for ice control
  • Type B Signs and Posts
  • Sign Blanks
  • Reflective Sign Sheeting
  • Lawn Care Service contracts
  • Snow Removal Service contracts

Tiffany Stupp
Senior purchasing agent
Phone: 515-239-1429
Email: tiffany.stupp@iowadot.us

  • Auction services
  • Central inventory warehouse — miscellaneous items
  • Calcium Chloride (in bags)
  • Enforcement uniforms
  • Lab supplies (small)
  • Light poles
  • Traffic paint and reflectorizing spheres (beads)

Purchasing agent

  • Rock salt (highway de-icing)
  • Specialized training