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About Emergency Management

Large scale emergencies, like major winter storms, floods, and other less common events such as derechos, nuclear power plant emergencies and cyber security attacks, are managed through the Emergency Management group within Traffic Operations. A critical element of emergency management is to provide a systematic, coordinated approach to managing emergencies. Effective emergency management:

Davenport, Iowa flooding
  • Minimizes impacts to the traveling public.
  • Enhances the safety of responders.
  • Reduces economic cost.
  • Enhances the overall response to any type of emergency event whether the situation is related to the transportation system or broader.

Effective emergency response requires collaboration and coordination within the Iowa DOT and between emergency responders and other key agencies.

Emergency responders and agencies

  • Law enforcement
  • Fire and rescue
  • Local emergency management agencies
  • Iowa Homeland Security and Emergency Management Department
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • Federal Highway Administration