For mobile devices

Iowa 511 app for Android and iPhone

The Iowa DOT has a 511 smartphone application to meet the growing trend of information on mobile devices - "Iowa 511." The application works on smartphones and tablets that operate on the iOS and Android platforms.

The Iowa 511 app provides statewide up-to-date traffic information for interstates, U.S. routes, and state highways in Iowa. It does not include information for county roads or city streets.

Features include:

  • Hands-free, eyes-free audio announcements of upcoming traffic events as you travel along your route
  • A zoom-enabled map with tappable traffic event icons and surrounding camera views
  • Near real-time updates on winter road conditions (including surrounding states), traffic incidents, construction, truck restrictions, and road closures
  • Trucker Mode with resources specific to commercial vehicle operators
  • Create and manage Your 511 personalized account including saved routes, areas, favorite camera views, and alerts via email and/or text.
  • Travel time delays associated with traffic reports (look for the orange glowing icons)
  • Current traffic speeds
  • Traffic camera images and streaming video throughout the state. Sign up for an account to save your favorite cameras for easy access later.
  • Snow plow camera images and locations
  • Towing prohibited (tow ban) events for winter storms
  • Real-time weather radar
  • Weather stations with alerting for inclement weather
  • Rest area locations statewide including real-time truck parking availability at rest areas and select private truck stops along I-80, and portions of I-29, I-35, I-235, and I-380.
  • Weigh Station Locations
  • Citizen reports via Waze
  • Electronic Message Signs


Remember, the primary responsibility of every driver is the safe operation of their vehicle. Iowa law prohibits individuals from using a handheld electronic communication device to write, send or read a text message while driving a motor vehicle.

Mobile website

The 511 website can be viewed from any mobile device by going to www.511ia.org.

For the telephone

The 511 telephone service is an interactive, voice-activated traffic information system you can access by calling 511 (within Iowa) or 800-288-1047 (nationwide).

Know before you go! Call 511 from home, work or other point of origin prior to departure. When used en route, motorists are urged to place their calls from a nearby rest area, fueling station or other appropriate stopping point along the way.

For social media

You can connect with 511 on one of our social media accounts on X and Facebook.

For developers

If you are a developer and would like access to the information on Iowa DOT's 511 website via an XML feed, please fill out an online form to request access. You can also get access to several other states' XML feeds at this location.


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