Compatible land use planning near airports is an important issue for local jurisdictions, planners and airports to understand. The Iowa Airport Land Use Guidebook provides information on land use concerns and strategies to prevent and mitigate incompatible land uses.

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Importance of Land Use Compatibility
Chapter 3 - Compatibility Concerns
Chapter 4 - Airport Land Use Compatibility Zones
Chapter 5 - Prevention and Mitigation Strategies
Chapter 6 - Resources
Appendices Table of Contents
Appendix A - Glossary  
Appendix B - Airport Specifications 
Appendix C - Memorandum of Understanding
Appendix D - Disclosure Statement - (PDF)  (Word Document)
Appendix E - Nonsuit Covanent - (PDF)  (Word Document)
Appendix F - Noise Easement - (PDF)  (Word Document)   
Appendix G - Avigation Easements - (PDF)  (Word Document)
Appendix H - Hold Harmless Agreement - (PDF)  (Word Document)
Appendix I - Disclosure to Real Estate Buyer - (PDF)  (Word Document)
Appendix J - Compatible Land Use Planning Checklist - (PDF)  (Word Document)
Appendix K - Iowa Land Use Survey Results
Appendix L - Resource Contacts
Appendix M - State of Iowa Legislation
Appendix N - Federal Legislation
Appendix O - State of Iowa Case Law
Appendix P - Federal Case Law
Appendix Q - Airport Land Use and Height Overlay Zoning Ordinance Outline
(PDF)  (Word Document)
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