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Aviation Laws
  • Aeronautics (See Transportation Chapter 328)
  • Airport Zoning (See Transportation Chapter 329)
  • Airports (See Transportation Chapter 330)
  • Airport Authorities (See Transportation Chapter 330A)
  • Transportation Administrative Rules
    • See Transportation Department (761) for aviation-specific administrative rules:
    • 710: Airport Improvement Program
    • 716: Commercial Air Service Vertical Infrastructure Program
    • 717: General Aviation Vertical Infrastructure Program
    • 720: Iowa Airport Registration
    • 750: Iowa Aircraft Registration



Aviation security



AWOS information for airports



Community outreach


FAA Airport Obligations, Compliance Guidelines, and Minimum Standards for Commercial Aeronautical Activities


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Human Trafficking



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Wildlife management
  • Iowa permit requirements
    In order for deer to be removed from an airport, a shooting permit must be issued by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. Permits are also required for the removal of geese and other migratory birds.