Airport Registration

Air Field

Iowa law requires that for an airport to be open for use by the public (without permission), it must apply to the Iowa DOT annually and meet Minimum Safety Standards for runways, approach zones, obstruction-free areas and general airport facility requirements. Public-use airports are subject to inspection at anytime by the Iowa DOT to ensure that Minimum Safety Standards are met and that other unsafe conditions do not exist. Failure to correct noted safety deficiencies can result in denial or revocation of airport registration and public-use status.

Separate from registration with the Iowa DOT, it’s important to note that all airports are required to notify the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) at least 90 days before any construction, alteration, activation, deactivation or change to the status or use of a civil or joint-use (civil/military) airport. The following forms can be used to notify the FAA of any changes in status:

Questions relating to airport registration and certification can be directed to the Airport Inspector at the Iowa DOT Modal Transportation Bureau at 515-239-1468, or email at Michael.marr@iowadot.us.


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