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The grade crossing surface repair program participates in the cost to rebuild highway-railroad grade crossings. These programs assist in maintaining a safe and smooth crossing surface at highway-rail crossings.

Either a railroad or a roadway jurisdiction may initiate discussions regarding surface repair funding. The application must be initiated by the highway authority and approved by the railroad. Applications are accepted throughout the year. To assist in the application process, the following is available.


Iowa Grade Crossing Surface Repair Fund Application

Applications for the Grade Crossing Surface Repair Program are currently submitted by email.

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Submit your application to Kris Klop, crossing surface program manager.

Eligible projects are funded in the order completed applications are received by the department. The available funding allows a limited number of surface improvements each year. Currently, there is a multi-year wait for funding.

Nine hundred thousand dollars in an annual appropriation from Iowa's Road Use Tax Fund assists cities, counties and railroads with surface repairs.

The Iowa DOT also allocates funds from the Primary Road Fund to rebuild and repair highway-railroad grade crossing surfaces on primary roads. This allows the grade crossing surface repair programs to focus on city and county projects, reducing the existing backlog of projects.

The Iowa Code 327G.29 and Iowa Administrative Rules 761-821 is the directive for implementing the state grade crossing program.

Engineering Standards

If a railroad performing or contracting a highway-railroad grade crossing improvement lacks specific company standards, the joint BNSF/UP engineering crossing standards shall be used as guidance.

Applications, recommendations and awards

Projects funded under this program are approved by the Iowa Transportation Commission.



Awards (approved by the Iowa Transportation Commission)

Projects will be advanced if funding becomes available.

For additional information contact:
Kris Klop
Phone: 515-239-1108

The Funding Guide provides information on this and a variety of other funding programs available for transportation projects.