Iowa Trip Generation

What is the Iowa Trip Generation (ITG) program?

The Iowa Trip Generation (ITG) program was established several years ago through the Midwest Travel Model User's Group (MTMUG) to determine the number of vehicles entering and exiting various land uses in Iowa. This program is similar to what the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) Trip Generation Manual provides but focusing on Iowa land uses that represent local travel characteristics. The outcome of the program was this website.

How Do I Find Information on My Interest?

This website provides users with three methods of estimating trips at proposed developments:

  1. A plot of trip ends versus size of the independent variable for each study, which can be used to graphically obtain a rough estimate of trips;
  2. The weighted average trip generation rate (number of weighted trip ends per unit of the independent variable); and
  3. A regression equation, relating trip ends to the size of the independent variable.

It is the user’s responsibility to selecting an appropriate method for estimating trips and to assess and analyze the data for their individual use.

Exploring Our Information

The website presents the trip generation data collected by the Iowa DOT.

Below are links to our information. These include the content of our information including the land use, count formulas, and statistics.

  • Best-fit graph
  • Statistical data

This webpage is provided as only a convenience for Trip Generation users.

Please note, while much time and effort was put in to this website, there may be errors.


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