Iowa Bicycle Map

Iowa transportation map for bicyclists

Interactive Iowa Bike Map

This online version of the Iowa Bicycle Map uses the same electronic files used to create the printed paper version.

Users of this Adobe® Portable Document Format (PDF) file can:

  • Search for text strings, such as city names.
  • Download the file, but because of the file size it may take time to download. The city detail map files are smaller and will download more quickly.

Geospatially referenced PDF map

Download the PDF Maps app by Avenza Systems, Inc. to view the geospatially referenced PDF map on your iOS or Android mobile device.

Get it on Google Play
Download Iowa DOT PDF Maps from the App Store

Link to the map directly from our server or the Avenza map store. Other georeferenced maps available from the Iowa DOT can be found in the main Avenza map store page.

These PDF maps are geospatially referenced and allow the application's location-based tools to be used. Users can determine their current location shown as a dot on the map, find places, and mark waypoints.


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