Motor Carriers

Motor Carrier Responsible for Safety (MCRS)

All IRP commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) registered within a Performance and Registration Information Systems Management (PRISM) State must have a MCRS assigned to it. The individual or company responsible for the vehicle’s safety must display the USDOT number in accordance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration guidelines.

  • If you indicated the MCRS is not going to change during the registration period, the MCRS information will be printed on the cab card.
  • If the MCRS changes during the registration period, the changes must be made with our office within ten days, on the vehicle(s) affected, and a current lease agreement provided.

    The registrant AND the lessor must notify our office if the lease is broken or dissolved during the registration year, the fleet vehicle(s) may not move unless there is a designated MCRS at all times.

    Regardless of the timing or event that the registrant notifies our office, it is continuously responsible to ensure that there is a MCRS for each of its vehicles
  • If you indicated the MCRS is going to change during the registration period, the MCRS information will not be placed on the cab card. This means the driver must have in his or her possession appropriate documentation (a current cab card, lease agreement and shipping document) to present if stopped at roadside.
  • If the MCRS changes are due to a Federal out of service order, you must make the change with our office immediately, and provide a current lease agreement between you and the company with whom you are leasing.


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