General Supplemental Specifications (GS) 2012

The General Supplemental Specifications in 2012 are incorporated into the Standard Specifications on the current issue of the Electronic Reference Library. However, you may view the documents independently.

  GS Date Changes
GS-12001 GS-12001 10/16/2012  
GS-12002 GS-12002 4/16/2013 Replaces GS-12001 and SS-12005
GS-12003 GS-12003 10/15/2013 Replaces GS-12002, DS-12025, DS-12037 and DS-12044
GS-12004 GS-12004 4/15/2014 Replaces GS-12003, DS-12021, DS-12022, DS-12024, DS-12048, SS-12006, SS-12007
GS-12005 GS-12005 10/21/2014 Replaces GS-12004, DS-12053
GS-12006 GS-12006 4/21/2015 Replaces GS-12005, SS-12011