Definitions and Requirements

Standard Specifications: The standard set of specifications made available in the Electronic Reference Library (ERL).

General Supplemental Specifications (GS): Revisions to the Standard Specifications, incorporated into the Standard Specifications in the ERL, and made once every 6 mo. in April and October.

The General Supplemental Specification revisions have been incorporated into the Standard Specification text in the Electronic Reference Library (ERL) 

GSs are numbered in this fashion:

  • GS-23001, GS-15001, GS-12001, GS-09001, etc.
  • GS = General Supplemental
  • 15, 12, or 09 = year/issue of the standard specification book being modified (Note: As of 2023 the GS is no longer printed as a book)
  • 001 or 009 = the identifying number of the specification.

Supplemental Specifications (SS): Specifications for particular bid items not contained in the Standard Specification books, or which modify those contained in the Standard Specifications. These may be applied to any project requiring this bid item.

Developmental Specifications (DS): The DS is a hybrid of an SS and an SP. It is reusable, but will be assigned to particular projects by the designer or a controller as listed on this website. The DS will maintain the same DS number until it needs to be modified.

Special Provisions (SP): Specification provisions for specific work items applicable to an individual project or limited group of projects only.


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