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As part of the Iowa Graduated Driver Licensing program, drivers under the age of 18 are required to complete a state approved driver education program.

Traditional driver education programs are offered by both public schools and licensed private driver education companies, which are instructed by Iowa licensed classroom educators and DOT certified behind-the-wheel instructors in the State of Iowa.

Every school district in Iowa must make a driver education course available to resident students except students who are open enrolled out of the district (Iowa Code section 321.178). School districts may charge tuition and fees for the driver education course that the districts make available (Iowa Code section 282.6).

Over 93% of students who complete an approved driver education course from one of the Iowa licensed driver education programs are excused from further drive skills testing at the time of licensing, however, a parent, guardian, instructor, or licensing personnel may request that a drive test be administered by the Iowa DOT.

To find the best option for your family, contact your school or a nearby private driver's education company.

Just as you have to trust your life to the honesty, skill and judgment of strangers, so must they, when they drive, put their lives in your hands on advance faith alone.

Think of this when you drive. Each car you meet and safely pass represents one more human being who has staked his or her life on your respect for the law and your skill and judgment.

Henry Greg Felson
Author of “To My Son, the Teenage Driver”

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