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The crossing safety program participates in the cost of safety improvements at public highway-railroad grade crossings. These funds are used to install new crossing signal devices, to upgrade existing signals, and to provide low-cost improvements; such as increased sight distance, widened crossings, increased signal lens size, or crossing closures. However, the available funding allows only a limited number of safety improvements each year.

Both the railroad and roadway jurisdiction must apply for crossing safety funding using the
project request form.  Applications are due by July 1 to be considered for the next annual funding cycle.

Priorities for this funding are determined through a benefit cost analysis. This analysis takes into consideration the extent of vehicle and train traffic at the crossing, speed of trains, certain characteristics of the crossing, effectiveness of the proposed improvement, estimated cost of the improvement and other factors. Generally, those crossings with a high probability for a serious crash with a proposed improvement anticipated to be effective and cost efficient will receive the highest priority. These funds cannot be utilized specifically to establish a quiet zone.

PPM 500.09 is the directive for implementing these funds.

Applications, recommendations and awards



Awards (approved by the Iowa Transportation Commission)


Projects will be advanced if funding becomes available.

For additional information:
Kristopher Klop, Manager
Phone: 515-239-1108

The Guide to Transportation Funding Programs (Funding Guide) provides information on this and a variety of other funding programs available for transportation projects.

WA-DOT preemption worksheet: A resource for roadway authorities to calculate the preemption timing for traffic signal / railroad signal interconnections. (Preemption tool worksheet instructions).


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