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TIME-21 payments

This report shows each city and county's monthly payments of Transportation Investment Moves the Economy in the 21st Century (TIME-21). The monthly payment for TIME-21 is part of the Road Use Tax Fund (RUTF) payment distributed to counties and cities monthly.

City payments

Monthly fluctuations in TIME-21 revenue at the end of a fiscal year, and beginning of the next fiscal year, are due to the fact that annual vehicle registration revenue goes entirely to the RUTF until it reaches a cap of $392 million for the fiscal year. Once the RUTF hits $392 million for the year, all remaining annual registration revenue goes to the TIME-21 Fund. In addition, RUTF revenue is distributed with a one-month lag (i.e. it is collected one month and distributed to the DOT, cities and counties the next month) while TIME-21 revenue is distributed on a two-month lag (i.e. it is collected one month and distributed two-months later). The impact of these two issues is illustrated in the following chart.

Road Use Tax Fund (RUTF)

Fiscal Year Iowa DOT Per Capita Forecast
2020 $126.00
2021 $127.00
2022 $128.00
2023 $128.50
2024 $129.50

City bridge candidate list

On an annual basis, the Iowa DOT extends federal and state funding for replacement or rehabilitation of city-owned bridges that have been classified by an engineering inspection as structurally deficient or functionally obsolete. Bridges are assigned priority points based on criteria shown on the Priority Point Worksheet. Once a city requests that an eligible bridge be considered for funding, it is ranked annually until an offer of funding is made and accepted by the city or the city requests that the bridge no longer be considered for funding. The majority of funds for this program are federal and varies according to the current federal funding methodology and availability of federal funds. For more information, refer to I.M. 1.100, Federal and State Bridge Programs.