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TIME-21 payments

This report shows each city and county's monthly payments of Transportation Investment Moves the Economy in the 21st Century (TIME-21). The monthly payment for TIME-21 is part of the Road Use Tax Fund (RUTF) payment distributed to counties and cities monthly.

City payments

Monthly fluctuations in TIME-21 revenue at the end of a fiscal year, and beginning of the next fiscal year, are due to the fact that annual vehicle registration revenue goes entirely to the RUTF until it reaches a cap of $392 million for the fiscal year. Once the RUTF hits $392 million for the year, all remaining annual registration revenue goes to the TIME-21 Fund. In addition, RUTF revenue is distributed with a one-month lag (i.e. it is collected one month and distributed to the DOT, cities and counties the next month) while TIME-21 revenue is distributed on a two-month lag (i.e. it is collected one month and distributed two-months later). The impact of these two issues is illustrated in the following chart.