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In an effort to expedite the oversight process, the Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) has tools available for local agencies to utilize in order to provide consistent documentation among the agencies.

Although it is not mandatory to utilize all of the available inspection tools, such use will make the oversight process run more smoothly. However, failure to properly document the progress of these projects may result in loss of federal-aid funding for that project and may jeopardize the utilization of federal funds in future projects.

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Contract Administration



Form / Link PDF Excel
Materials I.M. Index    
Materials I.M. 101   download the Project Information Paver Inspection, form 830213 PDF 
Materials Approved Product List Enterprise (MAPLE)
MAPLE contains a searchable database of the approved products, sources, producers, and suppliers of materials for Iowa highway projects
Find a Certified Materials Technician    
Construction & Materials Earthwork and Erosion Control
This website has a lot of great links related to erosion control including stormwater inspection information and seeding supply and application window updates.
Construction & Materials HMA Paving
This website has a lot of great links for HMA paving, including the HMA Paving Field Inspection Manual and an HMA paving field inspection checklist.
Construction & Materials PCC Paving
This website has a lot of great links for PCC paving, including the PCC Paving Field Inspection Manual and a PCC paving field inspection checklist.
Construction & Materials Structures and Foundations
This website has a lot of great links for structures and foundations.


Guides / References

Form / Link PDF Excel/Word
Local Systems Instructional Memorandums (I.M.'s)
Provide assistance and guidance to LPAs. Chapter 6 is where you will find construction-related information.
Iowa DOT Construction Manual
(Remember I.M. 6.000, Attachment D is a local agency administered version of Chapter 2).
Electronic Reference Library (ERL)    
Iowa DOT Work Zone Reference Library (WRL)
The WRL has been created to centralize all of Iowa’s work zone resources and documentation.
Resources Related to Traffic Analysis and Minimizing Road-Work Related Traffic Delays (Nov 2021)    
Construction Zones near Polling Places    
Federal-Aid Project Development Guide for Local Public Agencies    
Non-Federal-Aid Project Development Guide for Local Public Agencies    
Iowa Statewide Urban Design and Specifications
These design and specification manuals have been developed to provide a uniform set of design and specifications for use by any city or county government. These manuals are owned by the Iowa SUDAS Corporation, a non-profit organization composed of representatives from the Iowa DOT, cities, counties, and design consultants.
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Contractor Resources

Iowa DOT Forms 

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For other documents not included above, you can find them at  Iowa DOT forms portal

You can search forms, documents, and portals in the forms portal. Most forms that LPAs use can be found in the Civil Rights, Construction & Materials, or the Local Government portals. Search by form number or title of the form.


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