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Doc Express®

Doc Express® is a secure, web based, electronic document submittal program with a digital filing cabinet document exchange that provides remote access to project documents. Any project let through the Iowa DOT, Contracts and Specifications Bureau, shall utilize the program for documentation. Use of Doc Express® has been required for all county projects let through the Iowa DOT since the January 19, 2018, letting and on all City projects since the July 19, 2018, letting.

Doc Express® also has digital and electronic signature capability and configurable workflows for documents. Doc Express® shall be used to exchange, sign, and store shop drawings, change orders, material certifications and reports, payrolls, final documents, etc. This will reduce or eliminate the possibility of important project documentation from being lost in the mail and help to expedite the project administration process.

Doc Express® can be utilized by many different personnel, including, but not limited to: contractors, subcontractor/suppliers, local public agencies, administering bureaus, inspectors, field auditors, office personnel, contracting authorities, project engineers, Federal Highway Administration, persons in responsible charge, or others that have been approved for access to the electronic project file.

Infotech® has training videos available here

Training Videos for any user of Doc Express®

Training Videos for any Managers in Doc Express®, for any Local Let projects.

For questions or concerns regarding Doc Express®, contact E-Construction Administrator
Douglas Heeren at Douglas.Heeren@iowadot.us.


Appia® is a web-based application used for construction administration and inspection. While the use of Appia® is not yet required, locals may choose to implement its use as soon as they attend a training session administered by the Local Systems Bureau. Appia® is meant to replace paper field books and binders as well as the Field Manager program currently in use by some counties. This application aids local agencies in assembling and managing daily reports (diaries), tracking and recording quantities, tracking contract time charges, assembling and implementing change orders, and creating payment vouchers. Appia® can be used by local agencies on both locally-let and DOT-let projects.

Important Note Regarding Licensing: All local public agency Appia® licensing fees are covered under the Iowa DOT statewide licensing agreement with Infotech. Consultants are NOT covered by this agreement. Consultants must purchase their ownAppia® licenses, even when they are working on behalf of a city or county for an Iowa DOT let contract.

Effective with the April 2022 letting, counties are required to use Appia® to document and administer construction projects utilizing funding administered by Iowa DOT. Cities are not yet required to use Appia® but they may choose to do so voluntarily.

For questions or concerns regarding Appia®, contact Secondary Roads Engineer Niki Stinn at Niki.Stinn@iowadot.us.


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