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What are the Local Systems emails

As a service to local governments, the Local Systems  Bureau distributes a variety of transportation-related information via e-mail on a regular basis. This information typically includes: changes to policies or procedures; funding opportunities; conferences, workshops or other training opportunities; job openings at the Iowa DOT, local governments or other transportation agencies; and other information that may be of interest to local transportation officials, their consultants and other transportation agencies.


How do I subscribe / Unsubscribe?

If you would like to receive our emails at multiple e-mail addresses, complete a request for each e-mail address. Likewise, if there are multiple individuals at your company or agency that would like to receive our emails, a request will need to be completed for each person.

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About each subscription type


City-related news and information, such as Street Finance Report, City Bridge Program, and various other items related to cities but not counties or consultants.

County Only

County-related news and information, such as Annual Reports, Budget & Program, Farm-to-Market Funding, County HBP Funding, etc.

Local Systems
Local Systems- General

Choose this option to receive updates on news and information that affects both cities and counties. This may include Instructional Memorandums, Legislation, Trainings for Local Public Agencies, etc.

Job Opportunities
Job Opportunities

Job opportunities Local Systems is asked to send. Job opportunities may include Iowa DOT positions, City positions, or County positions.


The Local Systems Bureau has sole discretion concerning the type of information that may be sent to our email list. We do not advertise products or services offered by private individuals or companies, unless those products or services are directly related to an initiative sponsored or supported by the Iowa DOT or one of our transportation partner organizations. Emails are usually sent out within two working days of receipt, but other priorities may govern when we can send your information. Therefore, if you have time-sensitive information, please provide as much lead time as possible. Contact Travis Bakken to send a mailing.