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Sign Replacement Program for Cities and Counties

About the program

The purpose of the program is to replace damaged, worn out, obsolete or substandard signs and signposts for cities and counties in Iowa. The grant program is not for ordering new signs that do not exist at the location specified in the application.

  • Application period begins the first business day after January 1 of each year (January 2, 2024).
  • Only one grant application may be submitted per applicant year.
  • Applications will be reviewed on a first-come-first-served basis
  • An assessment of need and proper location and installation of posts will be the responsibility of the communities.
  • The Iowa Department of Transportation Sign Shop, or another source, may supply the signs/posts.
  • Payments to successful applicants will be made after July 1st.

Annual grant maximum:

  • Cities: $5,000
  • Counties: $10,000


  • Only the regulatory, warning, and school area signs in the eligible sign list will be eligible for replacement (A list of eligible signs can be found in the Sign Replacement Program eligible list. See instructions below.)  
  • Only signs, posts and bases that are in need of replacement are eligible.
  • The replacement signs, posts and bases will be installed at the same general location from which the signs, posts and bases being replaced was removed.
  • Signs, posts and bases must have been removed and replaced within the past calendar year.
  • Reflective sign-post strips (for chevron and stop sign posts only) are eligible through SRPFCC. A limit of $1000/annually for cities and $2000/annually for counties (out of the grant maximum) for new or replacement reflective sign-post strips will be reimbursed.

How to apply - Closed

Applications are now CLOSED for 2024. Applications submitted are being reviewed in the order received and will be awarded later this spring.

Applications may be submitted via email to marybeth.sprouse@iowadot.us beginning the first business day after New Year’s. Applications received with an email timestamp before Midnight CST on January 2nd will not be considered.

Grantees will provide the following sign inventory information in the application:

  • Type of sign, post or base (including MUTCD code).
  • Dates and descriptions of sign deficiency.
  • Date of replacement sign installation.
  • Sign location.
  • Sign ID (if known).

If grantees don’t have a sign inventory, grantee could provide date-stamped photos of existing signs and installed replacement signs.

Cities with a population of under 500 may apply to receive approval/funding before purchasing signs/posts by completing a Hardship Waiver along with the application.  Waivers will be subject to the same application deadlines.

Reimbursement rates

Reimbursement rates for each sign/post type will be established by the grant administrator (Rates will populate automatically in the application when the sign/post/base is selected).  Rates will be reviewed by the program administrator on an annual basis. Reimbursement will not exceed the annual maximum.


Mary Beth Sprouse, grant administrator


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