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Iowa Code section 312.14 requires all cities to submit the SFR to the Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) by September 30 of each year. In accordance with Iowa Code section 312.15, the Iowa DOT must notify the state treasurer of each city not in compliance with this requirement. Once notified, the state treasurer will withhold the Road Use Tax (RUT) funds allocated to the city until the city complies. If a city has not filed its report by December 31 of the same year, RUT funds shall not be allocated to that city and all funds withheld under this provision shall revert to the street construction fund of the cities.

Important Dates for the SFR

Date Event
First week of July Appropriate forms and instructions will be available.
September 30 Completed reports are due at the Iowa DOT.
October 1 The Iowa DOT provides a list of delinquent cities to the state treasurer. The state treasurer begins withholding RUT funds from delinquent cities. When a delinquent city submits its report, the Iowa DOT will notify the state treasurer immediately and the city will again be eligible to receive RUT funds.
First working day of each subsequent month The mayor of each delinquent city will be notified of the city's delinquent status until the city submits its report.
December 31 Cities still in delinquent status as of this date will begin forfeiting all RUT funds withheld for the period beginning October 1 and ending whenever the city submits their report.

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If you have any questions concerning the SFR, contact Marybeth Sprouse, Local Systems Bureau via phone at 515-239-1256 or e-mail at marybeth.sprouse@iowadot.us.