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Transportation plan updates

Iowa DOT is currently updating two of its overarching transportation plans:

  • State Long-Range Transportation Plan
  • State Freight Plan

Both are scheduled to be completed in spring 2022. Please follow the links below to learn more about the plan updates, or to view older versions of the plans.

2022 State Long-Range Transportation Plan update

2022 State Long-range Transportation Plan update icon

The State Long-range Transportation Plan looks out to 2050 and provides the long-range vision, policies, and decision-making framework that will guide investments in Iowa’s transportation system over the coming years. The plan covers all modes of transportation in the state, for both people and goods.

Past plans:

2022 State Freight Plan update

2022 State Transportation Plan update icon

The State Freight Plan weaves together Iowa DOT’s freight planning activities to help achieve the goal of optimal freight transportation in the state. Additionally, the plan guides Iowa DOT's investment decisions to maintain and improve the freight transportation system.

Past plan: