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2022 State FREIGHT Plan

2022 State Transportation Plan update icon In recent years, Iowa DOT has embarked on numerous freight planning activities to help achieve safe and efficient freight movement in the state and region. These are detailed in the 2017 Iowa State Freight Plan, a document developed to connect these initiatives and allow them to move forward towards a common goal of optimal freight transportation. Additionally, the plan also guides Iowa DOT's investment decisions to maintain and improve the freight transportation system, and ultimately strengthen the state’s economy and raise the quality of life for its citizens.

The 2017 Iowa State Freight Plan was amended from Iowa DOT's original, MAP-21 compliant State Freight Plan for FAST Act compliance and submitted to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) on June 2, 2017. FHWA reviewed and accepted the amended plan as including all required elements, effective July 21, 2017. View the 2017 plan.

Iowa DOT is in the process of updating and enhancing this document for FAST Act compliance. The final update is due to FHWA by July 21, 2022. More information on the update is below.


Internal discussions on the plan began in mid-2020 and updating the State Freight Plan will involve stakeholder and public input through spring 2022. The anticipated timeline for the planning process is shown below. The Plan is being developed in tandem with the update of the 2022 Iowa Long-Range Transportation Plan, and some stakeholder and public input opportunities will be utilized for both plan updates.


State Freight Plan timeline

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