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2022 Iowa Long-Range Transportation Plan Update

2022 State Long-range Transportation Plan update icon Iowa’s state long-range transportation plan (Plan) is currently being updated, with adoption slated for May 2022. The plan looks out to 2050 and provides the long-range vision, policies, and decision-making framework that will guide investments in Iowa’s transportation system over the coming years. Iowa is required to have a long-range transportation plan by both federal and state code. The plan covers all modes of transportation in the state, for both people and goods.

The plan is updated every five years because Iowa’s transportation system is ever-changing. Proactively planning for the future of the system is critical to ensuring people and goods can get where they need to go in a safe manner. The needs for the system are continually evolving due to changes in demographics, land use, travel patterns, technology, and available funding. The plan will establish the vision and objectives for the state’s multimodal transportation system, identify existing and emerging needs and challenges, and recommend strategies to achieve the vision for the transportation system.

This plan is the third in the current series of long-range plans. In 2012, a policy level plan was adopted. In 2017, the plan was expanded to identify primary investment areas, categorize future needs across modes, and provide strategies to achieve the system vision. The 2022 SLRTP will build on these past plans, with enhancements anticipated in the areas of system objectives, resiliency, and rightsizing the transportation system.


Internal discussions on the plan began in mid-2020 and updating the plan will involve stakeholder and public input through spring 2022. The anticipated timeline for the planning process is shown below. The plan is being developed in tandem with the update of the 2022 State Freight Plan, and some stakeholder and public input opportunities will be utilized for both plan updates.


State Long Range Plan timeline



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