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2017 State Freight Plan

Fast Act Compliant Document

The Iowa DOT's original, MAP-21 compliant State Freight Plan was amended for FAST Act compliance and submitted to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) on June 2, 2017. FHWA reviewed and accepted the amended plan as including all required elements, effective July 21, 2017.

In recent years, the Iowa DOT has embarked on numerous freight planning activities to help achieve this objective, many of which are detailed in the Iowa State Freight Plan. This plan is a way to connect all of these initiatives and allow them to move forward towards a common goal of optimal freight transportation in the state. In addition, the plan will guide Iowa DOT's investment decisions to maintain and improve the freight transportation system, and ultimately strengthen the state’s economy and raise the quality of life for its citizens.

Iowa State Freight Plan Executive Summary
Iowa State Freight Plan

Iowa State Freight Plan update


On February 27, 2018, the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) released its report on best practices in freight planning at the state level and the Iowa State Freight Plan was ranked fourth among freight plans nationally. The ATRI report will allow state Departments of Transportation and their consultants to better address those freight planning components that are viewed as most critical by FHWA, state DOTs and State Trucking Association leaders.

As part of their best practices report, ATRI called for nominations of innovative state freight plans from state DOT personnel and freight stakeholders nationwide. The top twelve plans, which included Iowa’s, then formed the basis for an “Ideal Attributes Checklist,” by which all other state freight plans were assessed. The top twelve plans also included Texas, Georgia, California, Mississippi, Florida, Washington, Michigan, Ohio, Nevada, Maryland, and Alabama.



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Public input

A 45-day public comment period (May 2 – June 15) was held to gather public input on the plan. A public meeting and corresponding methods for providing input on the draft plan were advertised through several press releases. Posts on social media, including Facebook and Twitter, were also utilized to reach out to the public and gather input on the plan. Public input was collected through a variety of means, but primarily through the public meeting held on June 8 in Des Moines and written comments submitted online.


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