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Park and Ride System Plan

2014 Plan

In 2014, The Iowa Park and Ride System Plan was developed. This plan included an update of the existing inventory, an identification of additional locations suitable for park and ride facilities, and strategies for implementation. The plan is used by the Iowa DOT to plan, evaluate, and develop a formal state-owned-and-operated system of park and ride facilities. The primary objective of the plan was to provide a location-specific, priority-based park and ride system that allows for coordinated planning and implementation of park and ride facilities.

For additional information on the statewide park and ride system or to view an interactive map of park and ride locations, visit the Iowa Statewide Park and Ride System website.

2017 Park and Ride System Report

The 2017 Park and Ride System Report provides a summary of current trends of the Iowa Department of Transportation’s park and ride system. The purpose is to document the performance and effectiveness of the system on a regular basis in accordance with the 2014 Iowa Park And Ride System Plan under section 7.3 Periodic evaluation and review.

Public input

A 45-day public comment period (Sept. 2 – Oct. 16) was held to gather public input on the plan. Meetings and corresponding methods for providing input on the draft plan were advertised through several press releases. Posts on social media, including Facebook and Twitter, were also utilized to reach out to the public and gather input on the plan. Public input was collected through a variety of means, but primarily through a series of seven public meetings, written comments, and an online survey.

For additional information, contact:
Spencer Thompson
Systems Planning Bureau
Iowa Department of Transportation
800 Lincoln Way
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Phone: 515-239-1772


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