Iowa In Motion

2017 State Transportation Plan

Chapter 1: Looking ahead to 2045 – What the Plan is, what it includes, how it was developed, and how it is used
Chapter 2: Understanding Iowa – How Iowa will be different in 2045, and how the transportation system will be affected
Chapter 3: Planning considerations – Various key issues to consider as we plan the future transportation system
Chapter 4: System overview – Mode-by-mode summary of Iowa’s current transportation system
Chapter 5: Choosing our path – Vision for the transportation system, associated investment areas, and action plan with supporting strategies and improvement needs for each mode
Chapter 6: Paying our way – Cost to maintain/improve the system, anticipated future revenues, and potential shortfall and implications
Chapter 7: Making it happen – Financing, programming, and performance monitoring
Appendices – Federal requirements, public input survey results, revenue generating mechanisms, and post-adoption technical corrections

In 2018, Iowa in Motion 2045 was one of three Iowa DOT planning efforts honored by the Iowa Chapter of American Planning Association (APA-Iowa). Iowa in Motion 2045 was recognized in the Transportation Planning category.

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