Rail Transportation


Programs to provide financial assistance are available for safety improvements at highway-railroad crossings. A brief summary of each is included below with links to further information on eligibility and the application process.

Highway-railroad crossing assistance programs

Crossing Safety Rail

Grade Crossing Surface Repair Program

The Grade Crossing Surface Repair Fund will pay 60 percent of the cost of repairs, with the responsible roadway jurisdiction and the railroad company each paying 20 percent. Eligible projects are generally funded in the order applications are received by the department.

Federal-Aid Highway/Rail Crossing Safety Program

The Federal-Aid Highway/Rail Crossing Safety Program will pay 90 percent of the cost of safety improvements such as new crossing signal devices, upgrades to existing signals, improve crossing surfaces, and other low-cost improvements such as increased sight distance, widened crossings, increased signal lens size or crossing closures. A benefit-cost ratio is used to rank eligible projects for funding.

Iowa's Grade Crossing Safety Program

The Iowa Grade Crossing Safety Program assists railroads with funding for the maintenance of crossing signals installed since 1973. 


Additional information about highway-railroad crossings.

Additional information about rail development programs designed to strengthen, enhance or preserve Iowa's Rail Transportation System and encourage economic development and job growth; encourage intermodal facilities; or reduce congestion, improve traffic flow and reduce emissions.

The Funding Guide provides information on this and a variety of other funding programs available for transportation projects.