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Renew, Replace, REAL ID (gold star) Driver's License/ID

  • Renew (You have the option to add REAL ID during your renewal)
  • REAL ID (gold star)
  • Replace a lost or stolen license/ID

What documents do I need?

How much does it cost?


Change or Update your Driver's License/ID

  • Address change
  • Name change
  • Add or remove restriction or designation (i.e. corrective lenses, veteran designation, SR-22)
  • Motorcycle license
  • Chauffeur's license
  • Horizontal license (turning 21)
  • Update citizenship

How much does it cost?


Under Age 18

  • Permit
  • School permit
  • Intermediate license (turning 16 or 17)
  • Full license (turning 17 or 18)
  • Moped license
  • ID card

What do I need to bring to my appointment?

How much does it cost?


First Time Iowa Driver's License, Permit, or ID (Over Age 18)

  • Transferring an out of state license or ID to an Iowa driver's license/ID
  • Getting a license, permit, or ID for the first time (over age 18)

What documents do I need?

How much does it cost?


Suspended/Revoked Driver's License

  • Reinstate your driver's license
  • Work permit (TRL)
  • Add or remove restriction (i.e. SR-22)

Pay civil penalty (must have an Iowa driver's license number or customer number)

View reinstatement requirements (must have an Iowa driver's license number or customer number)


CDL (Commercial Driver's License) Services

  • Knowledge test (Commercial Learner's Permit (CLP), endorsements, etc.)
  • Drive test (pretrip, skills, and/or road)
  • Issue CDL (new, renew, restricted CDL, update Security Threat Assessment, etc.)
  • Hazardous materials
  • CDL medical card

How do I get a CDL?

How much does it cost?


Testing (Regular Driver’s License)

  • Knowledge test (permit, driver's license, motorcycle)
  • Drive test (school permit, intermediate, driver's license, chauffeur, motorcycle)
  • Retake a drive test 

Vehicle Registration & Titling

For vehicle registration and titling, you will need to contact your county treasurer’s office.
Click next and select your county to get more information.


Persons with Disabilities Placards

  • New, replacement, or renewal of existing parking placards.


Motor Carrier Services (Semi Registration)

Appointments are only being accepted in our Motor Carrier's Office located in Ankeny for:

  • International Registration Plan (IRP)
  • International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)
  • Intrastate Travel Authority
  • Prorate titles for commercial vehicles
  • Oversize/Overweight permits

Select "Motor Carrier services (No DL/CDL Services)" branch from the drop down menu when scheduling an appointment.

Contact us by email ( or call us at 515-237-3268 to receive an appointment time if you are not able to schedule an appointment at the link below.

Vehicle Services for Government Agencies and Dealers

Appointments are only being accepted in our Vehicle Services Office located in  Ankeny for:

Product issuance

  • Official titles (government agencies only), one title per application
  • Persons with disabilities stickers

Order, pay and consult only – NO PRODUCT ISSUED

  • Bonded title applications
  • Dealer license applications

Select the branch “Vehicle Services (No DL/CDL Services)" from the drop down menu when scheduling an appointment.


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