Existing user information change forms

For current SIIMS users, these forms have been provided in order to properly maintain contact information and appropriate roles and asset security for the application.


When the local public agency experiences a change in the contact for bridge ownership either by retirement or change of employment, complete the bridge owner form.


When the local public agency changes the agency under contract to complete bridge inspections, complete the change program manager form.


When you have had a qualification change your bridge inspection accreditation by the Iowa DOT's Bridges and Structures Bureau to lead/conduct NBIS inspections should be reviewed. Complete the change inspector role form if any of the following events have occurred: obtained professional license, attended additional inspection training, or obtained appropriate years of experience of inspection.


When you have had a change in employment or other contact information has changed, complete the change contact information form found under forms. The changes include any or all of the following: employer, e-mail address, and phone numbers. If the change in employment will also change what role will be required for you in SIIMS, please also complete the change inspector role form.