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Current versions of CONNECT applications used for projects at the Iowa DOT are those shown below.




The links in the table below provide access to downloads of CONNECT Applications related documentation. The files are in PDF or Excel format.

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Issue Date File Description
CADD Guidelines
05/24 General CADD Guidelines CONNECT General CADD Guidelines
06/23 Seed Files CONNECT Bridge Seed Files
11/23 Models CONNECT Bridge Models
04/24 Fonts CONNECT Project Fonts
08/22 Levels CONNECT Bridge Levels
06/21 Features CONNECT Features
06/21 Standard Libraries CONNECT Bridge Modeling Standard Libraries
06/21 Standard Templates CONNECT Standard Templates
File Management
10/23 Folder Structure Bridge Project Folder Structure
10/23 Consultant Folder Structure Consultant ProjectWise Bridge Folder Structure
11/23 V8i Standards in CONNECT Files Use of V8i Standards in CONNECT Files
06/23 Referenced Files Typical Referenced Files for OpenBridge and OpenRoads Designer
11/23 Sheet Index Editing Sheet Index Editing
Culvert Workflow
06/21 CW01 Setting Up File
06/21 CW02 Laying Out Culverts
06/21 CW03 ASCI Graphics Import Input File
06/21 CW04 Loading ASCI Graphics Input File
06/21 CW05 Place Pipes with Drainage and Utilities Tools
11/21 CW06 Creating Culvert TSL Sheets
06/22 CW07 Editing Title Block and Printing
06/21 CW08 Calculating Excavations
06/22 CW09 Entering Pipe and Structure Information into Database
Bridge Processes
05/24 Automated Bridge Staking Report Automated Staking Report
05/21 OpenBridge Designer Version Maintenance OpenBridge Designer Version Maintenance
05/21 OpenBridge Designer Analyis Workflow OpenBridge Designer Analysis Only Workflow
11/21 OpenBridge Designer Starting Model OpenBridge Designer Starting Model Workflow


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