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Eligible Projects

A broad range of diesel emission reduction strategies are eligible for DERA grants, including:

Vehicle and Equipment Replacement

  • Non-road and highway diesel vehicles in normal operational condition can be replaced with newer, cleaner vehicles that operate on diesel or alternative fuels and use engines certified by EPA or CARB to meet a more stringent set of engine emission standards.

Certified Engine Replacement

  • Diesel engine replacement includes - but is not limited to:
    • Engine certified for use with diesel or an alternative fuel (e.g., gasoline, CNG, propane)
    • Diesel engine replacement with a zero tailpipe emissions power source (grid, battery or fuel cell)
    • Diesel engine replacement with an electric generator(s) (genset)
    • Zero tailpipe emissions engine replacements do not require EPA or CARB certification.

Certified Remanufacture Systems

  • An engine upgrade involves the removal of parts on a certified engine configuration and replacement with parts to reduce emissions.
  • Some non-road engines and locomotives can be upgraded by applying manufacturer upgrades that are EPA or CARB verified retrofits or a certified remanufacture system.

Verified Idle Reduction Technologies

  • Idle reduction is considered by the EPA to be a "technology or device that reduces unnecessary idling of diesel vehicles or equipment or is designed to provide services (such as heat, air conditioning, and/or electricity) to vehicles and equipment that would otherwise require the operation of the main drive or auxiliary engine(s) while the vehicle is temporarily parked or remains stationary."

Verified Retrofit Technologies

  • Pollution control devices installed in the exhaust system or systems that include crankcase emission control.
    • Diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC).
    • Diesel oxidation catalyst + closed crankcase ventilation (DOC + CCV).
    • Diesel particulate filter (DPF).
    • Partial flow filter (PFF).
    • Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system.

Clean Alternative Fuel Conversion

  • Aftermarket clean alternative fuel conversions involve altering the conventional, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) highway diesel vehicles and engines to operate on alternative fuels such as propane or natural gas.

Verified Aerodynamic Technologies and Verified Low Rolling Resistance Tires

  • Class 8 long-haul trucks can be retrofitted with aerodynamic trailer fairings or can be provided as new equipment.
  • Certain tire models can provide a reduction in nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions and fuel savings, relative to the “standard” new tires for Class 8 long-haul trucks, when used on all axles.


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