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What is TODS?

Tourist Oriented Directional Signing (TODS) is official signing that is located within the right-of-way of a primary highway (excluding segments that have an interchange). TODS identify and give directions to activities or sites of significant interest to the traveling public.

Where can TODS be located?

TODS is located immediately in advance of an "at-grade" intersection where a city street, county road, or lower classified highway intersects the highway. TODS is not allowed in advance of an interchange.

How much does TODS cost?

Each sign costs $350. An attraction would typically have two signs per highway for a total of $700. Annual renewal fees due June 30th of every year are $50 per sign.

Can I have TODS on more than one highway?


What types of attractions qualify for TODS?

There are four(4) categories: Motorist Service, Tourist Attraction, Agricultural Activity, and Other Commercial Interest. The attraction must be of significant interest to the traveling public and meet the minimum hourly requirements established for each category. The attraction must be open to the general public and not by appointment, reservation, or membership. All attractions must be approved by the Tourist Signing Committee.

Can an attraction in a large city qualify for TODS?

The attraction must also be located outside the urban area, established by the U.S. Census Bureau, of a city with a population of 5,000 or more.

Who fabricates and installs the TODS?

The Department of Transportation will design, fabricate and install the TODS.

What is the size and color of the TODS?

The signs are 72 inches long and 18 inches wide. Lettering is white on a blue background with white border.

How much information can be on the TODS?

The message is limited to the name of the attraction, directional arrow and mileage to the attraction. An additional word or two would be added to the message if the name of the attraction does not clearly reflect the nature of the attraction. TODS can have 2 lines of copy with approximately 15-18 letter spaces allowed per line

Can seasonal attractions qualify?

Yes. Seasonal attractions must be open a minimum of 4 consecutive weeks. The seasonal attraction is required to have a closed panel attached to the TODS when the attraction is closed for the season.

How do I apply?

Print a TODS application and an instruction sheet. (currently requires Internet Explorer to open)