Local Systems

Street Finance Report (SFR) System



Each city will be receiving an email when the FY20 street finance report is available. The tentative release date is July 15, 2020.

Obtaining System Access:

To access the SFR system, you will need a State of Iowa Enterprise A&A account. If you have not already created this account, you will need to in order to access the SFR. There are some helpful instructions for creating your account under the "What is A&A?" in the create account box. The following link is for creating your account.

Register for a username and password from the State of Iowa Enterprise A&A Web site.

If you currently have a State of Iowa Enterprise A&A account to access other State of Iowa applications, that username (first.last@iowaid) and password will be used to access the SFR system.

If you have questions, contact:

Marybeth Sprouse
Local Systems Bureau
Iowa Department of Transportation
E-mail: Marybeth.Sprouse@iowadot.us
Phone: 515-239-1256