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New vehicle wholesaler license for special equipment

A person who installs cranes, hook loaders, buckets, aerial ladders, tanks or special equipment on new completed motor trucks with a gross vehicle weight rating of 14,500 pounds or more may be issued a license as a wholesaler of new motor vehicles of the make and model on which the equipment is installed without written authorization from the manufacturer.

The fee for a new wholesalers license is $40.

"Special equipment" means equipment installed on a motor truck that, in combination with the motor truck on which the equipment is installed, constitutes a self-contained unit configured for a specific purpose. To constitute special equipment, a minimum of $7,500 or 25 percent of the retail value of the motor truck, whichever is greater, must be expended in installing the equipment on the motor truck, including the cost of the equipment. "Special equipment" does not include equipment designed for the transportation of passengers.

A distributor or wholesaler of new motor vehicles shall not sell or offer for sale a new motor vehicle at retail unless licensed as a new motor vehicle dealer. A licensed distributor or wholesaler of a new motor vehicle shall not register or title a new motor vehicle held for sale and shall transfer ownership of a new motor vehicle by assigning the manufacturer’s statement of origin for the vehicle.

New vehicle wholesalers are:

  1. Allowed to reassign manufacturers certificate of origins to franchised dealers of the vehicle being wholesaled.
  2. Restricted to wholesaling new motor vehicles to dealers only.
  3. Not allowed to issue manufacturers certificate of origins on the vehicle they rebuild as they are not the actual manufacturer.

application forms

When completed, forward these application forms to:

Vehicle Central Programs
Iowa Department of Transportation
P.O. Box 9278
Des Moines, Iowa 50306-9278


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