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This public participation process was developed to offer Iowans the opportunity to help identify transportation issues, needs and priorities; plan how to meet those needs and priorities; and select transportation projects that turn the plans into reality. This means:

  1. Information and opportunities for public involvement will be provided continuously throughout the planning and programming process.
  2. Information will be widely distributed.
  3. Comments will be sought and encouraged from the public, including transportation disadvantaged individuals and groups.
  4. Public comments, suggestions and concerns will be listened to and considered when transportation decisions are made.

The Iowa Department of Transportation is working with many partners to involve the public in transportation planning. Iowa’s nine metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) and 18 regional planning affiliations (RPAs) are also taking steps to inform and involve the public in metropolitan and regional transportation planning. Transportation planning at the state level will tie regional and metropolitan plans together into a single statewide vision for the future. The Iowa DOT plans to coordinate state and local public participation activities where possible, eliminate duplicative efforts, and share the information and ideas we receive with each other. Iowa will continue to review the public participation process for effectiveness and update when necessary.

The state shall provide for public comment on existing and proposed processes for public involvement. At a minimum, the state shall allow 45 calendar days for public review and written comment before processes are adopted and any major revisions to existing processes are adopted.

Iowa's current public participation process requires that the public be notified of proposed amendments and be afforded the opportunity to comment on these proposals. After all comments concerning this proposal have been addressed, the Iowa DOT staff will consider all comments and make changes accordingly. Comments concerning the document should be submitted to our office in writing and sent to the following location.

Iowa Department of Transportation
Program Management Bureau
Attn: Zac Bitting
800 Lincoln Way
Ames, Iowa 50010

Comments may also be submitted via email to Zac Bitting at

State Public Participation Process for Transportation Planning


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