In order to have an accurate 2023 inventory for the NBI submittal replaced or removed structures are not archived from now until the submittal is complete. These structures will be removed from the SIIMS inventory shortly after a valid tape is submitted. Although notifications regarding the replaced or removed structures cannot be eliminated, these are not a concern during this time frame and will be properly handled by Iowa DOT personnel.

There has been an issue with some reports not allowing approval. The issue is the inclusion of special characters and hard returns in comment boxes.  This is an issue that had been resolved previously, but has returned for some unknown reason. If you have a report that will not allow you to approve it up to the next level, review your comments and take out the special characters and hard returns.

If you are having issues with your LOGIN TO SIIMS, please send an e-mail to for assistance.

Please see the Resources and Information page for these items.

The training for SIIMS provided in 2023 is available.   SIIMS Training     Recording

Documentation for the updates to SIIMS from June 2023 is available.   SIIMS June Updates

The Iowa Department of Transportation's (DOT) Structure Inventory and Inspection Management System (SIIMS) system is the single source location for entering and reviewing condition information on all Iowa bridges, both local and state owned. The system offers a variety of features and capabilities. 

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