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Traffic and Criminal Software (TraCS)

TraCS software is an award-winning data collection, forms management, and reporting software for public safety professionals. From eCitations and eCrashes to arrest and incident reports, TraCS is the preferred solution for national model agencies everywhere.

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Electronic forms: Avoid data entry errors that plague paper systems.
  • Forms include eCitation, eCrash, warning, NIBRS incident, CMV inspection, arrest, jail booking, driving while under the influence/driving while intoxicated (DUI/DWI), contact, time and activity, deer tag, towing and impound, parking, and many more.
  • Forms viewer for viewing and editing forms.
  • State-of-the-art data bars make it quick and easy to enter accurate data.
  • Built-in diagramming tools and seamless compatibility with many commercially available software applications.
  • Ability to enter data once and reuse it on multiple forms.

Data validation: Get accurate data immediately at the scene instead of later at the office.
  • Rules ensure data collected is correct and complete.
  • Instant feedback when required data is omitted or invalid.

Case management: Associate multiple forms with a case.
  • Forms manager for searching and organizing case folders.
  • Print manager for report printing including public releases and standardized letters.

Document workflow: Let TraCS software handle the flow of your forms from start to finish.
  • Business flow allows the software to adapt to the way you already do business. Not the other way around.
  • Field unit and workstation modes for mobile and office use.

Data transmission: Transmit forms to external sources faster than ever before.
  • Effortless data sharing with existing external applications.
  • Capability to transmit data to state and federal agencies automatically in any format.

Peripheral compatibility: Enjoy compatibility with a wide range of devices.
  • Image and signature capturing using barcode imagers, signature tablets, and other peripherals.
  • 2D barcode and magnetic strip reading of American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators’ (AAMVA) PDF417 data embedded in driver licenses, vehicle registrations, and commercial cab cards directly into a TraCS form.

Web services: Full featured local install of TraCS with shared centralized database.


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