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The HSIP-Local program provides Federal-aid Swap (State) funds to Counties and Cities for low-cost to medium-cost systemic safety improvements. HSIP-Local program funding is $5 million/year for FY2023-2027.

This program promotes the installation of low-cost systemic improvements. The program has the goal of reducing fatalities and serious injury crashes.

The systemic approach installs low-cost countermeasures along an entire corridor or at multiple intersections with similar characteristics rather than treating a single location based on demonstrated crash history (see TSIP projects). Systemic projects may include a continuous corridor, multiple locations, or include neighboring or multiple counties/jurisdictions. 

Common projects have included sign and post reflectivity, upgraded pavement markings, centerline and shoulder/edge line rumble strips, paved shoulders and guardrail. With the expansion of HSIP-Secondary to cities as HSIP-Local, this program is also a good candidate for roadway reconfiguration projects (e.g. 4- to-3-lane conversions) and pedestrian-crossing improvements. Additional examples and typical crash-reduction factors (CRFs) are included on the application.

Agencies interested in participating must submit the above application via email to the Safety Programs Engineer. Applications are due by November 15 for the following fiscal year (e.g. November 2023 applications are for State FY 2025).

All applications received by the due date will be considered for funding. Additional information may be requested in order to support a funding decision. Applicants should expect to be notified of a funding decision within 30 days of the deadline.

As with the former HSIP-Secondary program, project development activities must comply with all State and Iowa DOT Federal-aid Swap requirements. Agreements will be prepared with the Iowa DOT Local Systems Bureau, project funds will be provided to the Local Public Agency (LPA) on a reimbursement basis, and project plans must be let through the Iowa DOT. The project will need to be activated in TPMS and included in (or amended to add) in MPO/RPA TIP. (Additional DOT Local Systems Bureau Federal-aid Swap information can be found at I.M. 1.150 and I.M. 1.150 Attachment A – Federal-Aid Swap Policy ). 

Program questions may be submitted to the Safety Programs Engineer (515)-239-1267.  


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