Public Transit


Facility feasibility documentation

Any transit system requesting statewide capital funds for a new transit facility or facility improvement must submit a feasibility study.

Feasibility documentation must include:
  • The need for the project.
  • An examination of project alternatives showing that the proposed solution is the most beneficial.
  • The detailed project concept.
  • The detailed budget estimate for the project.
  • The environmental assessment.

Transportation Program Management System

Projects proposed for federal funding must be listed in the local Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) for inclusion in the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP). Public transit agencies use the online Transportation Program Management System (TPMS) for programming these projects into the TIP. TPMS Transit Instructions are available to assist programming projects in local TIPs.

Statewide Transportation Program Management System

Statewide Transportation Improvement Program information is available from the Iowa DOT's Program Management Bureau.